Cleaver reference sheet Picture

Verse: Original

Date: 5/7/13

Full Name: Prince Cleaver

Pronunciation: klee-ver

Nickname/Alias: Cle, Cleo Cleavesq , Cleaves

A way to say "cleavage" without actually saying it. Especially when you're making fun of someone. To be really annoying you drag out the "cle" so you go CLEEEE-ver.

Origin: After making this account and venting, I thought of a cleaver.

Title: Prince

Pet Name: Cle, Cleo Cleavesq , Cleaves, Sexy butt

ID Number: ???

Signature: ????

Gender: Male

Gender Role: Masculine

Orientation: Bisexual

Real Age: ???

Age Appearance: 16

Birthday: October 15

Deathday: ???

Birthplace: Somewhere deep into a dark forest

Astrological Sign: Libra

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Immediate Family: Jin

Distant Family: His parents

Parenting: Strict

Upbringing: ???

Infancy: ???

Childhood: Was hard for him. Practiced to fly as a bat and bullied.

Adolescence: Was getting the hang of revenge

Adulthood: Murdered everyone in his village/forest
Master was killed by an enemy.
He took revenge and killed everyone even his loved ones.

Coming of Age: after 9 years

Evolution: Cleaver changed, from happier/ sad, he got angry and serious
killing everyone

Species: Shapeshifter

Ethnicity: Culture of ???

Blood Type: ???

Preferred Hand: Right hand

Facial Type: Ovel

Eye Color: Light blue (pale)

Hair Color: Black

Hairstyle: Pft

Skin Tone: Tan

Complexion: (Self explanatory)

Makeup: None

Body Type: ???

Build: ???

Height: 5'7

Weight: ???

Cup Size: ???

Facial Hair: Short, straight

Shoe Size: ???

Birthmarks/scars: Scar on the other side

Distinguishing Features: HIS MONSTER

Health: ???


Memory: He doesn't remember his killing spree.

Senses: Better than others

Allergies: ???

Handicaps: Blind, but can see just fine

Medication: ???


Addictions: Claus


Style: Royalty, punk

Mode of Dress: Where's weather he likes it or not. Let's his shirt hang.

Grooming: Doesn't care

Posture: Cocky

Coordination: Swirling hair

Scent: Sweet and sexy. Sometimes....smell like dead people

Mood: Depression/anger

Attitude: Cocky, quiet, anger, sad

Stability: Very emotional; unstable

Expressiveness: Hide/ show sometimes

When Happy: Hugs everyone; smirk

When Depressed: Hugs his plushies. Scream. Sulk in a corner.
Run to Claus

When Angry: Screams at people, punches walls, growls, kills (why he's chained up)

Current Residence: Kingdom

Community: Royal

Family: Unknown

Friends: Neon, Reverie , Claus , Fish , Lyla , AJ , DeDe, and everyoen else on my buddies list

Enemies: Pffft..

Bosses: His admin

Followers: His kids

Heroes: =The-Fishy-Cat~AJ-Incarnate

Rivals: Assholes

Relates to: Umm
no one


Equipment: A cleaver / gun / chainsaw

Accessories: Earrings, scarf, collar, monster energy tattoo (in ref)

Trinkets: His monster energy drinks

Funds: ???

Home: Fancy, Royal, big

Neighborhood: Aura (queen)
Nbian (King)
Neon (Princess)
Fish (Princess)
Lead (Pet dragon)
and some others

Collections: Weapons

Prized Possession: Claus Monster energies, his cleaver

Lovers: Neon-Dating
Claus- just a play mate

Marital Status: Taken

Sex Life: happens everyday

Turn-Ons: A good side. Nice personality

Turn Offs: Bitchy, annoying

Plays: Roleplay

Fetishes: uhh...o-o
His dick?

Virginity: Had done it 100 times

Element: Unknown

Work Ethnic: Prince- nothing

Wealth Status: Upper class

Experience: Die

Organizations/Affiliations: His friends

Grade: Bad grades

Extracurricular Activities: Art

Crime Record: MANY CRIMES

Motivation: Power/Love

Desires: More sexiness. More dead people

Wishlist: More weapons

Accomplishments: Yes
Greatest Achievement: The death of the forest
Biggest Failure: Failing sexiness against Claus
Regrets: Dating soo many he hurt
Worries: Friends
Best Dream: Getting married, children, killing off enemies one by one
Worst Nightmare: Getting killed from loved one
Best Memories: Flying practice
Worst Memories: Friends who he failed

Hobbies/Interests: Humping, murdering, stealing
Skills/Talents: Running,
Likes: Dark stuff
Dislikes: BUGS
Sense of Humor: Sarcastic, dirty
Pet Peeves: ???
Dreams/Nightmares: Dirty stuff
Quirks: Flick his hair XD
Can't understand: Math
Closet Hobby: Art
Guilty Pleasure:
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