Drehnd Picture

The Forgotten Gods - REALITY

In the Mythology of the Forgotten Gods of Ul-Zaorith, Drehnd was the son of Bacha and Lelix. Drehnd is considered the personification of the magic lines in the world known as the Manna Weave. Like Bacha, the Manna Weave and Drehnd as concepts are interchangeable. Drehnd is reality as it is without glamorization, in all its flawed beauty, honesty and intricacy. Every choice made, every life lived, every step taken builds onto the paths of Manna Weave that mark our existence in the world. Everything that is makes an impact by being; that impact and the ripples it causes, the others it affects is drehnd. Certain arts draw their force from the stable energy of Drehnd, such as Spell Casting, Enchantments, Aura Reading, Divination and Manipulations. While the swarms of Lome far outnumber the clear paths of Drehnd in the world, where Huskline is like cobweb, the Manna Weave is like a system of strong rivers. The arts that draw from the Manna Weave are generally more commonplace, straightforward and socially acceptable practices. Fact, memory, life, death, relationships, society, history, labour, material possessions are all Drehnd.

Media: 9x9 canvas, acrylic paint (yellow, red, blue, white; all hues self-mixed), irredescent medium.

This piece will be on sale at the Art Show for $75. (If purchased together with Lome, deal price of $120; if the full set of 5 is bought, deal price of $260)
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