Qilindogdigimon Picture

Name: Qilongmon
Origin: 'Qi' comes from 'Qilin', a mythical hooved creature from Chinese mythology; 'Long' is Mandarin for 'dragon'
Level: Perfect
Attribute: Data
Type: Holy Beast Digimon
Family: Dragon's Roar, Virus Busters

Fuuryuu no Kagizume (風竜の鉤爪/Claws of the Wind Dragon): Qilongmon either slashes the opponent with the claws on his left forelimb that are as hard as Chrome Digizoid, or slices the air with its claws, creating vacuum blades to slice the opponent.
Shinkuu Kiretsu (真空亀裂/Vacuum Fissure): Qilongmon covers himself in light energy and rushes past the opponent like a bullet, creating a vacuum in his path and causing the surrounding air to crash down on the opponent.
Shippuu Inazuma (疾風稲妻/Hurricane Lightning): Qilongmon flaps his wings to create a large hurricane around the opponent, then summons lightning from the sky. The lightning strikes into the heart of the hurricane.
If the opponent is not defeated with that strike, the lightning will merge into the hurricane to form a hurricane of lightning that is near impossible to escape from.

Qilongmon is a peaceful and benevolent being that hates fighting, however he will not hesitate to punish evil souls. He is usually a gentle Digimon, but he can become very fierce in battle.
When he flaps his wings, a special aura is emitted that purifies Digieggs tainted by evil.
He excels in speed and stamina, while the rest of his attributes are pretty average.

Evolution line:
Goumon > Kolongmon > Gaolongmon > Houndlongmon > Qilongmon > Zanlongmon

I wanted to make him fire attributed, but I have no ideas atm :<
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