The Xolnya Picture

A Mythological beast form of myself

Xolnya are a mythological beast that take the form of a Fossa with a purple Aura that takes the shape of a tail/hand, the Eye it in it's mouth and it has 3 arms. Xolnya are nocturnal and tend to bring a person's dreams and fears to reality of it's prey before devouring them it always makes a loud snarlish cackle sound and stares into their eyes before devouring their heart. Xolyna are supposedly born when a person dies from heartbreak in their sleep gaining closure only in sleep, the Xolyna craves the pieces of it's heart that it lost while awake and devours the heart of lonely souls in the night and keeps it so that no one can break it. The Lonely hearted person will live on but without any desire for romance or love present in their lives.
Legend: "If you want another too much without regard and love for yourself Xolnya will steal away your heart..."
Xolnya (C) James Anthony Edwards 7/20/2013
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