Vampire and Wolf Picture

"what if they are there, and what if reality is actually different from what is written in the classical myth...."

Vampire & Wolf

Ten years after the second world war, a war that involves humans and various other mythological creatures ... the war because someone ambitions. In 1955, London-England occurred strangeness in the London suburb frequent sightings of unidentified creatures who always left their mark of murder.
Allyson (19) a girl "vampire" title "Knight" and Reiss Akker (28) a man "Werewolf" as a captain of cavalry contingent "The Royal Dragoon Guards" was commissioned by the Queen of England to investigate the weirdness that happens ...

Ruchika / Ruchia Allyson (19) (left)

"May I suck his(her) blood ..... pleaseee"-Ruchika-

Ruchika was a descendant of the family of the famous vampire knight "Clan Gods Bridge" whose name is very well known in the defense position kingdom and protector queen.
Ruchika name itself acquired by mistake when I was writing the name diakademi, and since that Ruchia until now more usually called Ruchika until now. As the vampire race Ruchika was not afraid to cross and the sun, even Ruchika itself is being Christian, so vampire here is nothing more than a special race that has power over normal humans mainly on the speed of response and motion then can see well at night, the vampire can feel the aura of body heat like infrared rays. The Vampires still be out in the daytime, but they usually use sunglasses or contact lenses for protecting their eyes are sensitive to light.
Ruchika really love the donuts, in fact he actually good at cooking, even in disguise at the church he served as chef and sexton. Ruchika has a very relaxing but it will be very serious in certain moments, Ruchika often scare the kids who do stupid at the church by just showing sharp fangs. Ruchika was very fond of blood type O.
Ruchika was one of the smartest students at the royal military academy, even at the age of 19 he had mendapatka title of "knight" and can be trusted to do a special mission, given at the age of 18 he was able to complete all the tests Academy, even before graduation he got degree for his achievements. Sambiul a mission he waited for graduation.
Vampire is one race that has more power, especially if they maximized the strength to fight, but this causes their red blood cell count will be vastly reduced if the actual use of force, which is why the vampire must drink blood in order to increase their red blood cells are rapidly reduced. Because if it is forced, it can cause death.
Vampire always menyedikan small bottles for storing fresh blood at any time if needed to use their power, the vampire also has its own laws in sucking human blood, because it sucks human blood without the permission of the "donor" is considered illegal or unlawful unless indeed in a tight spot. Human blood sucked by a vampire will not turn into a vampire as well as in the classic myth, but after a vampire sucking the blood of the donor because of an emergency the future vampire must provide sterilization drug to sterilize the bite.

Reiss Akker (28) (right)

"From the reports that I see for sure ... better yet direct me to the location ..."-Reiss Akker-

Akker Reiss is one of unity cavalry captain "The Royal Dragoon Guards" which is one of the three elite cavalry in the military collection. Reiss looks very tenag and reserved, but basically he's very good-natured, Reiss is married and has particularly children who are toddlers and his wife were very gracious.
Reiss is a "werewolf" or so we are familiar with werewolves, Automatic Reiss has power over normal humans just like vampires, but the werewolf is more focused on physical strength is much stronger than the vampire. The wolf were more often seen in the unity of the cavalry because they have enormous power to "break" is different from the vampire who is more likely to conduct reconnaissance and spy missions.
Werewolf not attack humans as in classical myth, only did they need more meat because they have to issue a maximum strength, the point they need many carbohydrates.
Werewolf is very superior in tactical and organized attacks, they even become one of the key men in the second after winning the second world war in the past.
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