Saphyria Sheet Picture

First try on *frozenlilacs race

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Character and design by me Race by frozenlilacs Backgroundstory by my dear friend Nova

How it came to happen.

Saphyria was born and raised in a family of believers, a family which searched for the powers of the past. Her family had once come across some information about the mythological beliefs that dragons once roamed the earth. Dragons have a profound love for jewellery and gold, so her parents had a strong belief that they were ancient gods. With an immense dedication her parents searched for anything related to this sacred mythological race. One day, Saphyria's mother almost drowned in an accident. What saved her was an odd stone which emitted a powerful, calming
aura of some sort. The panic of being close to death disappeared and she was able to swim to the surface. Since the stone saved her life, she took it with her, contra to its size, it weighed almost nothing. Her family decided to settle down and study this stone and they came to believe it was a Draconite, a stone said to have been found inside a dragon's body. The study of this stone was not long-lived though, since jealousy is destructions companion, her parents were threatened and others seeking the power of the past tried to steal the stone. Saphyria's father sensed that something was going to happen, so he carved a dragon out of the stone to keep it a secret, and gave it to Saphyria.

Then, not long after Saphyria got the carved dragon, her family got a visit from some people demanding the Draconite. Her father showed them the debris which was left after he had carved the dragon and told them he had destroyed it, that they had come to the conclusion of it being a mere normal stone. They were outraged and killed Saphyria's mother, father and her older brother right before her eyes. Saphyria, being the ten year old innocent child she was at that time, was spared. After that, a kind and helpful blacksmith took care of Saphyria. He made her a staff out of her only belonging, the Draconite, which she never spoke of as anything else than a memorial. After a couple of years with having the stone closely to heart, she began to change a little. Her eyes became like a dragon's and she began to grow small dragon scales around her eyes. She spent several years with this smith and he became family. While she was there, she studied what her parents had left behind of their research. When she turned nineteen, she felt ready to begin her search, following the footsteps of her family.

This is the background of Saphyria, and you would probably think that she'd be out searching for the killers, claiming revenge on her slain family. But Saphyria doesn't seek any harm to anyone, she's kind and optimistic, and only seeks knowledge of the past. Since she carries the Draconite, she never panics or feels stressed, she's always calm. She's devoted to finding knowledge about the dragons and adventuring the world. Her beliefs are strong but she does not preach them, she's a lone wolf who keeps her beliefs to herself. She likes a good meal, small talk, unselfishness and a good training. Her adventures have often led her into disputes with people and she knows how to handle herself, the staff is not only for decoration. What she hates the most is greed, because she blames her family's fate on people being greedy. This is kind of ironic, since dragons in the myths were said to be greedy creatures. If this stone is strong enough to change her, maybe she can find something from the past powerful enough to erase greed? She searches endlessly, for knowledge and the sacred race of the past...
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