The Gorgon's Curse: An Heiress Picture

I was inspired by a lot of the compositions of Medusa here on dA and decided to create a piece inspired by the mythological creature, but I just had to come up with a little story incorporated to this drawing. I'd say the drawing took me about 2 or 3 hours to complete:

"Upon the land where Gods once walked the earth lived a noble family who lived on a hill close to the them. Now the Lord and Lady of the estate had a lot of children (20 to be precise) and loved them all very much. While the Lord and Lady were satisfied of their colony of children, the children demanded for another sibling for personal reasons. Of course, with the love that the Lord and Lady had for their children, they couldn't deny such a request from such angels from above. So, the Lady gave birth to the family's 21st child who bared an aura like no other child that they previously birthed; she had eyes of Poseidon's waters, skin so fair and flawless, and curled locks of sunshine. The family knew she had to be blessed by Aphrodite herself due to her unique physical features and the older she grew the more captivating her beauty became, but it was not for long until the other 10 sisters grew animosity towards their sister, thinking that she was the only reason none of the sisters have married yet. So, of course, the 10 sisters plotted a scheme to get rid of her and decided the only way to do so is to tell her a tall tale of a serum that prevents a person from aging and one of the ingredients included the venom of an albino snake that can be found in The Garden of Fallen Gorgons. And that's what the 10 sisters did and of course, the youngest sister made her way into the garden to hunt an albino snake. Little did she know, the garden was cursed by Medusa who was slain long ago and those who set a foot into the garden would spend the rest of their lives imprisoned in stone. And that's what the youngest sister found herself as, but with the blessing from Aphrodite, the girl felt herself reanimated in her own flesh again, but still found herself isolated within the garden. During her state of doom, the girl was summoned by the Gods and they replaced Medusa's curse with an alternative curse that if any brave man found himself within The Garden of Fallen Gorgons and gazes upon the girl's eyes without turning into stone, the curse will be lifted and the girl will be whisked away with the man who broke it. Unfortunately, time marched on and more men fell from the curse and even though the girl hopelessly waited years for that brave man to lift the curse, her beauty remained the same. . ."

Program: Microsoft Paint (Windows7)
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