Athena Paeonia Picture

Athena Promachos - The first in the series
Athena Areia - The second in the series
Athena Oxyderves - The third in the series
Athena Soteira - The fifth in the series

Athena Paeonia means Athena the Healer. Other such titles include Counsellor and Of Hospitality. Her divine wisdom encompassed not only waging war but also care, providing and creation.

This picture was going rather well from the start and despite rushing to finish it I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. It was a nice break from her regal posture and otherworldly aura to finally show this side of her. This is meant to be the portrait shot of the last picture where she will be seen laying her hand on a fallen soldier to heal him. Paeonia is also what is written in green on her arm (hopefully in correct greek).
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