Haruka Conley - FC Reference Sheet - Cohort Summon Picture

This is the second part of my reference sheet of my new FC, Maho Shoujo Haruka Conley. She is one of the new fan-characters that is going to appear in "Maho Shoujo Rika Magika."

This is the reference on Haruka Conley's main magic ability, her power to summon these orb-like "Cohorts."

Haruka's special ability as a Maho Shoujo is that she can summon these small, magical beings to help her, which she calls her "Cohorts." As you can see, the Cohorts resemble small, floating, glowing orange orbs with a lighter orange ring that constantly spins around its center. The cohorts are sentient, and are at the beck and call of Haruka at all times.

Haruka's Cohorts help her out in and out of battle, and she can communicate with them using a telepathic link she has to them. However, she doesn't control them directly, they still are self-conscious and stuff, but they obey her orders when she gives them loyally, almost like humble servants or pets to her, but do their own thing otherwise. They aren't indestructible, they are indeed solid, and aren't really resilient either, but still very effective. The round inner sphere of the Cohort, which is its main body, is tangible and feels sort of like a hard, glossy ball. The spinning ring part and the glowing orange "aura" however, is not solid and things go right through that part. However, the aura and ring feels rather warm, in a comfortable way, which is due to the energy from them.

In a sense, this is how her Army-looking Maho Shoujo outfit plays into her. Haruka can be thought of like a captain or general to the Cohorts, and the Cohorts are like her supporting troopers obeying her orders and fighting alongside her, willing to defend her at all costs. When she fights Witches, they can be considered similar to that too in the way they help her defeat them.

Kyubey personally thinks of Haruka to be a sort of a rare in-between being for a Maho Shoujo and a witch, due to the fact that she can already spawn entities similar to Witch Minions. Although her Cohorts aren't exactly like Witch Minions, but still somewhat similar. He has not mentioned this to Haruka herself though, but he does think that about her when he sees her around.

A little side note I'd like to mention is that I based Haruka's Cohorts off of the Paper-Doll Shikigami minions used by spellcasters in Japanese Mythology. Haruka's Cohorts are very similar to those types of Shikigamis, and help her out much like them too.

Haruka can create these Cohorts at will using her magic. However, it takes her a bit of time to summon one, and quite a bit of magic too, so she can't do it on the fly. Also Haruka can only have a maximum of 5 Cohorts at a time, and her spell doesn't work when she tries summoning a 6th one, but she can summon more if one gets destroyed to replace it, as long as there is no more than 5 out.

The Cohorts have a few neat abilities to them, which they can use very well. Here is a list of some of their powers.
-The Cohorts can levitate freely and are very mobile too.
-The Cohorts can project these magic tractor beams, which they use to pick up small objects. They cannot hold very large objects with their tractor beams though, and even 5 of them together wouldn't be able to pick up Haruka herself. They still can hold smaller objects, and in battle, they often times use these tractor beams to pick up extra copies of Haruka's SMG weapons to shoot alongside her for Cover-Fire.
-The Cohorts can also project a type of harmful field around them at will, which damages enemies in contact with it. They use this a lot to ram foes, or while in the Whip Formation.
-Their last but most costly move is a destructive Kamikaze attack, which they will only use if Haruka orders it. For this attack, the Cohort flies over to the target specified by Haruka, then it glows yellow and Self-Destructs on the enemy in a Grenade-Like Explosion. This is a moderately powerful attack with a decent blast radius, but will destroy the Cohort in the process, so Haruka only instructs them to do this when absolutely necessary, due to how it can be sometimes be difficult for her to create new ones.

When not in battle, Haruka uses her cohorts to accomplish chores and help herself around, and they can be quite helpful in that too.

When fighting Witches, Haruka makes them go into special formations strategically, and they fight by either grabbing extra copies of her SMG guns with their tractor beams and shooting with them, or by ramming enemies with their harmful fields. The Cohorts will do as Haruka instructs them, and unless ordered otherwise, they will attack anything that means their master harm, even if it means their own life. There are a few strategic formations and maneuvers that they will normally use, including these ones.
-Scatter Formation, where the Cohorts spread out around Haruka and will attack anything that appears to be a threat, if they come across it.
-Focus Formation, where the Cohorts get close to Haruka, and focus all their attacks on one enemy. This is usually used to face against a Witch. You can see them using Focus Formation in the upper right pic in this reference sheet.
-Whip Formation, a unique formation shown on the bottom right. For this one, the Cohorts chain together with their tractor beams and activate their harmful fields, and link onto Haruka's hand, forming a sort of Beam Whip. Haruka needs at least 2 Cohorts to pull off this one, but with more, the whip becomes longer and more powerful. She uses this as a Melee Attack to Whiplash enemies, or like a grappling hook to tether onto other areas and pull herself up or swing from.
-Protection, not truly a formation, but another thing they do for her. When in battle, the Cohorts will do what they can to prevent any harm from coming to Haruka, even if it means taking a hit for her. If something tries to attack her, the Cohorts will even put themselves in the way of the attack or even sacrifice themselves to defend Haruka, unless she tells them not too. They are indeed very loyal to their master.

Haruka tries to be strategic with her Cohorts, and doesn't want to lose that many of them, since it can sometimes be hard for her to summon replacements if she loses one. Haruka is more of a strategic fighter. She isn't that powerful on her own, but she relies on tactics to win, and with her Cohorts helping her, she tends to be a lot more tougher. She never rushes in, she plans out things, and tries to find the best strategy to win, which is what makes her an effective fighter. And she makes sure her Cohorts go into strategic formations to help her bring down every Witch she has to face. She is also a team player, and makes sure her friends got her back at all times. However, she is a little unsure about some parts and doesn't enjoy Witch fighting too much, unlike Jo does. Also, a few of the Maho Shoujos sometimes think that she sometimes spends too much time planning and not enough time acting.

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