The Ending Night: Professor Emmett Hearst Picture

From the Ending Night series Bible:

Emmett Hearst is the stern but relaxed professor of world mythology and folklore at Aura Falls University. There's no legend he hasn't read, no creature he hasn't heard of. It's difficult to say whether or not he believes in any of these myths, but with the coming of the Ending and supernatural attacks becoming more common, no one around has greater knowledge of how to combat them.
Besides being his teacher, Prof. Hearst has become a good friend to Aaron, always able to lend advice when the youth needs to know how to fight the newest foe. He believes Aaron to simply be enthusiastic about the subject, but doesn't want to see him get hurt. It will soon become clear that there's more going on with his favorite student than meets the eye.

The Ending Night is © Adam Ferguson
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