The Chimera Tree Picture

Behold the Mighty Chimera Tree from the Enchorian Dimension with hybridizing magic!

I'll draw the process later.

The Chimera Tree is a magical tree that used to be native to Enchoria's jungles and woodlands. It is the same size as a Banyan Tree but can be distinguished by the unusual formation of the canopy's branches and leaves into the shape of the mythical Chimera, a hybrid monster from Greek Mythology. It also has a huge hollow in which creatures of different kinds can enter to have hybrid offspring.

Now about how this tree works. The tree's magic can only work if the two different breeding species are of the opposite gender and cannot be the same species, so normal creature couples or homosexual female couples cannot rely on this tree.

Now to tell you how the tree does it's work. A couple of a different species must enter the tree's hollow and wait there. Then magical vines will entangle them inside separate opaque, indestructible cocoons (size depends of couple) and the couple will remain trapped in there without seeing each other. Then their aura, DNA and pheromones will be extracted from them by the vines and will be mixed together by magic before being placed into the female's body. Only the tree can decide what the offspring will look like and how many will be produced before it is placed into the female's womb. The way the offspring is born depends on the female's species. If she's a mammal, it will be given birth but if she's a bird or a reptile, an egg or eggs will be laid.

After the harmless process is finished, the two cocoons will break apart and the couple will be freed. Then several weeks later, the female will become pregnant. Then afterwards, the hybrid offspring produced by the Chimera Tree's magic will be born to the parents.

Erasmo has grown the tree for the possum and stork as a friendly present and as relief for the complicated mating procedures. How that came to be is that a portal from the Enchorian dimension opened and the seeds were dispersed into the Stellian/Forestian Dimension. Being a native creature, Erasmo knew how to grow the tree and mature it. Then after some gardening, the sand slicer managed to grow and mature a healthy Chimera Tree, ready to be used. The other seeds will be grown naturally in Stellia by rain and weather, like any other tree.

Ella the Stork and Stellia, and Sonamy pic ~ (c) FkandFriends

Erasmo, Seth and Enchoria ~ (c) Me!
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