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:0 Aura's history profile. No need to read. Its more for my reference.

This is Aura shes a Caladrius. A caladrius according to wikipedia is:
According to the Roman mythology, the Caladrius is a snow-white bird that lives in kings' houses. Supposedly, the bird refuses to look at any patient that is not going to make a full recovery. Caladrius existed in the Greek mythology under the name Dhalion.
It is said to also be able to take the sickness into itself and then fly away, dispersing the sickness and healing both itself and the sick person.

She can transform into a human. Doves only live about 20 years in captivity so I made her 14. I also made her albino so that she matches her bird form.

Aura is one of the only caladruis to be born by humans instead of birds. She was raised a human until she turned into her bird form and her mother grew ill. She found herself unable to look at her mother. She took the illness away and left her home for good, knowing if she met her mother again her mother would die.

She is easilly infatuated but it usually doesnt last long. Many of the men she tries to heal fall deeply into an obsession of her. When she leaves to take away the illness they try to find her, when they do the illness comes back twice as hard and they die.

One of the men, Lafayette, was bitten by a vampire after she healed him. He comes back and tries to turn her into a vampire as well. This wouldnt be that big of a deal if not for her main form being a bird. If she got bit she would turn into a bird for the rest of eternity.

Needless to say she avoids him at all costs.

One day while removing the illness from a man, she is startled by a werewolf named Marvel. And thats when the RP started.
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