Mandy(with Domino Forme) Picture

Meet Mandy, an NOCSMD fancharacter... with her very own domino form as well.

Mandy had just arrived to Domino City to go to a research building one of her mentors mentioned she should go to to complete her research on a mythology of magic dominoes with different coloured auras and their magic. On her way to the research building, Mandy got lost on the way and couldn't remember where it was, as she lost her map of Domino City. When she remembered where the research building was, she went to the sidewalk to question someone where the research building was until stepped on a glowing domino(with a black aura emitting from it) by mistake, granting her the ability to turn into a domino and back. Remembering the research building was within Domino City, she found the street to the research building and by accident, slipped on grease... and was then helped up by Pierre who guided her through Domino City and to the research building where coincidentally, he worked. Accepting his offer to be his student, Mandy was happy to learn from Pierre and loved to listen to his teachings.

She is wise, polite, somewhat short-tempered and teasing(especially around Bruce). The black ribbon in her hair is what she ties it up with, so it's important, plus it was a goodbye present from her mentor before she left for Domino City.

Originally, I was going to call her Domandino, but it sounded ridiculous to me, so I stuck with Mandy, which so happens to be another favourite name of mine. Also, I was going to colour her hair red, but since her concept was that she'd represent the colour black, I went with dark purple(it's relatively close to black).

No One Can Stop Mr. Domino belongs to Artdink and co, but Mandy is mine.
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