Orb v.1 Picture

This creature was meant to be my attempt at a dragon character, but it ended up being a made up species/creature/monster. :E This is actually quite an old picture, maybe a few months, done back when my old laptop first died.
I did some rough sketches of it even longer ago, and it seems with every time I draw this thing it changes a bit. I even thought up another version of it and have yet to put it down on paper, so...depending, there might be quite a few versions of this critter. QuQ
I'm not sure of the purpose of this guy, but we'll see where that goes.
So, without further ado (in depth summary ahead):

+ Name: Orb, after those mysterious white glowing blobs in photographs that are theorized to be spirits. Those who have experienced this creatures wrath call it a "Poltergeist."

+ Species: Ectoplasmic

+ Sex: It is androgynous, but seems to take more of a masculine nauture so often referred to as an it or he.

+ Orb inhabits an old wooden tribal mask that appears to be a dragon or mythological creature. Orb's true face is shrouded in mystery, along with the origin of the mask itself. The mask is said to be that used in warfare or sacrificial ceremony and smells of decay. Orb can move the mask's mouth at will.
+ Physically, Orb is nearly non-existant. Its "body," or form it chooses to take, gives off a faint blue-purple glow. This glow is only seen at night, or in dark surroundings. In brighter light, the glowing part of its body takes on a foggy, slightly opaque gray "mist" like material. Besides having a torso, arms and a tail like appendage, Orb can form spindly, long supports that appear to be legs but this is a rare and unneeded, as Orb often hovers.
+ The only solid parts of Orb's being is the mask it inhabits, and the dark ooze that permeates its body.
+ Not much is known about the dark blobs. Speculations are that it could be tar from old shrines and abandoned buildings, dark energy or poison. The rumor is that if come in contact with, it will give a horrible curse. The ooze has the consistency of tar or oil.
+ The sludge only comes out of one part of Orb's body, and that is the mask's mouth. When threatened, the ooze dribbles out of Orb's mouth and forms that of a tongue. This tongue can stretch impressible lengths.

+ Orb's overall disposition is observative and foreboding. It likes to meander in the deepest recesses of abandoned buildings, and often comes out at night. It is rarely seen during the day.
+ If threatened, Orb uses an otherworldly screech or roar that carries the undertone of a human voice. Growls often sound muffled and bubbly.
Its tongue is also used to ambush and catch.
+ Orb is certainly capable of malicious intent. The energy it gives off often has negative effects, like headaches, dizziness, nausea and weakness. Depending on overall wellbeing of Orb, its aura can brighten or diminish and emotions could play a part in this as well.
Using its energy, it can make objects hover a distance - the objects along its back are shattered pieces of glass or metal. These could be turned into projectiles at will.
+ Orb can also use its natural energy to move, touch and pick up items with its own formed claws. Orb can choose to let its own claws/fists have varied impact on an object.
However, this requires quite a bit of energy, and Orb is often weakened after a good amount of its energy is expended and often goes into hiding to recover.
+ Orb feeds off the energy of electronics, or that of the living. The ooze that pulses through its body could harbor a digestive enzyme, but it is unknown if Orb has ever consumed anything of organic nature.

*whew* Drawn with crappy colored pencils.
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