Nurarihyon no Mago OC: Ame onna Picture

This is actually one of my many nuramago OCs. She's based on the ame onna from Japanese mythology, though. Anyway, her profile:

Ame onna:

Originally a miko, she was tied up and beaten for attracting too many youkai. The villagers feared her and her power, and left her to die during a storm. She drowned within the tears of her sorrow and the rain. After she became a youkai, she joined one of the strongest hyakki yakos at the time.

Personality and appearance:

She wears the traditional clothes of a miko (shrine maiden) because of her past. She is always wet, and her eyes are always covered by her long bangs. She has wavy brown hair that reaches her ankles.

Ame onna is always quiet. When she does speak, she usually gives out good strategy tips. She has a mysterious aura.


When she starts crying her tears of blood, everything before her will drown within her rain...

And that's her profile. The clothes she's wearing might not be an accurate miko uniform though. I was too lazy to look up pictures, so I did it out of memory.
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