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I was at Enas house, and my dad suddenly decided to come pick me up RIGHT when I was in the middle of typing.
Le sigh.


I haven't submitted anything in forever >_>
This is a character I HAVEN'T introduced to you yet.

It's Son Louis Canterella from my new manga Sunset Slope. Canta for short. And because he is sexy, he is Puerto Rican. ;D

His best friend is an 8 year old boy!


He's part of the ghost hunting organization of anti-heros in my story. Yesss.... Also, he doesn't have wings. He just looked too plain with his outfit, so I put wings on him... weee....? I'll explain more about him in the profile I'll post below. At the end. Yeah.

And holding his arm is the adorable 15-year-old stalker, Mimiko. She normally is adorable... but she's REALLY REALLY creepy.
She loves Canta a whole bunch. She doesn't mean to come off as creepy at all though xD
She's really bad at expressing feelings of love (as is Canta, but he's just shy... but any emotion besides anger is hard for Canta to express >_> ) so she gets stiff, and her face contorts into a crazy stalker smile. She's normal otherwise... mostly. Aside from hiding in his room... and sitting in the bathtub until he comes in.... and hiding in the mailbox.... >___>;

Yeah... I love Canta. He's my fave character I have ever made. Ever. He's just... everything I could ever put into a character. D:

Anyway, I hope you like it xD

~ Bell <3



FULL NAME: Son Louis Cantarella
MEANING: Also sexy ;DD
RESIDENCE: The organizations hide-out, which used to be an abandoned church.
HOMETOWN: Puerto Rico... somewhere.
BIRTHDAY: January 6, 1987
ALLERGIES: Cats and peanuts
SEXUAL PREFERANCE: He digs the chicks. Crimson thinks he's TOTALLY gay for him though. >_>
OCCUPATION: Ghost extermination
WAY OF SPEAKING: He has a slight Puerto Rican accent in his voice. He never stutters unless he's nervous or frustrated. But since he has a hard time expressing himself, he usually ends up yelling.
MARITAL STATUS: Single. Not very interested in finding a girl. He only wants to be stronger than Crimson... and everyone else that exists on the planet. Superiority complex FTW.
THEME SONG(S): Lights Out - Mindless Self Indulgence [link] (He likes to punch people... yeah xD )
Creeps Me Out - Ima Robot [link] (Fits him and Mimiko)

ONLINE SCREENNAME: [email protected]
PERSONAL QUOTE: "FRITZ! Fetch me my juice box!!!"


HAIR COLOR: Bright cherry red, the darker parts near the roots of his hair are purple.
HAIR STYLE AND LENGTH: He keeps it down to about his ass. His bangs cover his left eye and one side of his hair is uneven since he lets Fritz cut it.
EYESIGHT: He has reading glasses.
HEIGHT: Mmm... 5"8'?
WEIGHT: Dunno. Normal weight for a 21 year old male I guess.
OUTFIT/CLOTHING STYLE: He usually wears his uniform for the organization, but if its just walking around outside hanging out, he wears what looks good on him. He cares about his appearance too, you know?
DISTINGUISHING MARKS(SCARS,MOLES,TATS): He has a couple of scars on his chest and his back.
SELF CARE(MAKE UP): None. He takes a shower whenever he can, washes his hair to keep it smooth. If he has a cut on his face, he pays A LOT of attention to it. He's afraid to scar his face...
FIRST IMPRESSION ON PEOPLE: He's really shy, so he expresses himself in a harsh and angry manor. He would probably be really intimidating when you first meet him. But when you get to know him, he has his little quirks and habits and such, which takes away from his scary and intimidating aura.
BODY TYPE/BUILD: He is pretty buff. Not CRAZY buff, but he works out regularly.
DEFAULT EXPRESSION: He was born with a scowl on his face as his default expression. He always looks angry, and because of that, he can really smile that easily. Any expression other than anger usually comes out looking really scary.
POSTURE: He stands up strait. He has too much pride to slouch.
MEASUREMENTS(FEMALE ONLY): *stares at his shoulders* ... D cup.
DESCRIBE THEIR VOICE: Low, smooth voice. Kinda gravely, especially when he's angry.
WEAPON OF CHOICE: He is for close combat. So he likes to use brute force and short distance weapons like daggers and knifes.


MOM: His mother was pretty much a push-over. She let Cantas father make all the decisions, and she just kinda went with them.
HOW WELL DO THEY GET ALONG: He doesn't hate her, but he doesn't like her either.
DAD: His dad was a freaking bitch. But Canta looked up to him and longed for attention from his father like most young boys do. Cantas father was very strict and stern, so anything he said had to be obeyed. Canta wouldn't DARE stand up to his father, since he wanted his father to be proud of him his whole life.
HOW WELL DO THEY GET ALONG: Canta hates his father, but still longs for his father to be proud of him and to praise him like a normal father would.
SIBLINGS: None. He was an only child.
HOW WELL DO THEY GET ALONG: He would probably beat them all up.
HOW WELL DO THEY GET ALONG: He would probably kill them all. >_>
OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS: None. He never met the rest of his family because of his crazy ass parents >_>
REACTION TO MEETING SOMEONE NEW: He usually just ignores you and acts like he has no interest in meeting you until he gathers up the courage to start up a conversation. If your interesting enough.
ABILITY TO WORK WITH OTHERS: He is really bad at working with others. He usually likes to do things on his own. But if he has to, he'll either hog everything and try to do everything by himself, or he'll get frustrated with you and just storm off to find a juice box to suck on.
HOW SOCIABLE(LONER,ETC): He isn't much of a loner, since he hates being alone. But he isn't very social either.
FRIENDS: His best friend is an 8 year old named Fritz. Then the other members of the organization.
PETS: He has a pet turtle.
LEAST FAVORITE TYPE OF PERSON: He hates it when he is second best to someone. Especially when it comes to fighting and such... so if your better than him, he'll hate you until he is better than them, and rub it in their faces.
PARENTAL TYPE(PROTECTIVE,ETC): He seems like someone who would be really cold to their child, but secretly be very proud of his children. He is VERY protective of Fritz, and treats him almost like a son. He acts like he doesn't care about him, but he takes Fritz to the park and stuff in secret. He cares <3
AFFINITY WITH...: He... enjoys punching... things... >_>
And juice boxes. He can't be without his juice boxes.
LEAST FAVORITE PEOPLE: Makoto, but he doesn't exactly hate her. Kinda a grudging respect... same with Crimson Rebellion. He's afraid of Mimiko though xD


..WHEN YOU FIRST MEET THEM: He probably wouldn't talk to you. He has very bad social skills, since he's never really had friends... except for one. Who was a ghost. But then his friend finally passed on, so he was alone again for quite some time. But anyway, he would act very cold and spoiled. Very arrogant as well.
..AS YOU KNOW THEM BETTER(AND THEY LIKE YOU): He would act more like himself around you, and come out of his shell more. He would talk to you normally and such, but he will always act like an arrogant, self-centered bastard.
..AS YOU KNOW THEM BETTER(AND THEY DISLIKE YOU): He would just strait up hate you. He would avoid talking to you, and if he came anywhere near you, he would glare and maybe even try to punch you.
POSITIVE CHARACTERISTICS: He has a sweet and caring side, even if you don't really see it a whole lot. He obviously likes kids, and is very sensitive when it comes to peoples feelings (if its someone he cares about).
NEGATIVE CHARACTERISTICS: He's very arrogant, insensitive (to most people), self-centered and spoiled. he has major superiority issues, and when he is determined, he won't stop until he is the best of the best. He is pretty shy, and covers that up with more arrogant and spoiled remarks. When he is embarrassed, he also covers it up with yelling and anger, and eventually gets frustrated with himself and everyone around him. Basically he just acts like a spoiled child.
FAVORITE COLOR: Black and red.
FAVORITE FOOD: He likes fried shrimp and lobsters.
FAVORITE ANIMAL: Turtles, giraffes and tigers.
FAVORITE INSTRUMENT: Guitar, ukulele and harmonica.
FAVORITE REMEMBERED MOMENT IN LIFE: When he met his very first friend, a ghost who came to his window everyday with a juice box just for Canta. And the day he met Fritz and took him in off the streets.
LEAST FAVORITE COLOR: He hates the color pink. Or so he says. He can't help but blush when girls wear pink. He thinks its cute.
LEAST FAVORITE FOOD: He can't STAND cheap or frozen foods. Everything must be FRESH D:<
LEAST FAVORITE ANIMAL: He hates cats and mostly anything that squirms. He thinks they're gross.
LEAST FAVORITE ELEMENT: Water. Water puts out fire :<
MOST HATED MOMENT IN LIFE: When his first and only friend as a child, the ghost, passed on to the other world.
HOBBIES: He likes to train and work out. But he always likes a good challenge in a fight.
USUAL MOOD: He's usually brooding about how he has to beat Crimson or something like that.
DRINK/SMOKE/DRUGS: He drinks. But smoking and drugs are terrible for your health, and he has to be on top of his game 24/7.
DARK VERSION OF SELF: He won't hesitate to beat you to death if you hurt Fritz. Also, if he gets into a fight, and gets too into it, he starts to lose himself.
LIGHT VERSION OF SELF: He very rarely shows his sweet and loving side to anyone but Fritz. he gets embarrassed if people catch him in the act, and you know how he gets when he's embarrassed...
HOW SERIOUS ARE THEY: Pretty serious about everything... at least everything he is interested in.
CLASS IN AN RPG: ....A Dwarf. Yes. *is beaten to death by Canta*
BELIEVE IN GHOSTS: Duh. He has to fight them all the time.
(IN)DEPENDANT: Independent.
SOFT SPOT/VULNERABILITY: Fritz. No one in the whole wide world is more important to him than Fritz. He also secretly cares for his friends more than he says he does and Mimiko.
OPINION ON SWEARING: Doesn't give a flying fuck.
DAREDEVIL VS CAUTIOUS: Daredevil, definitely.
MUSIC TYPE: he doesn't really listen to music that often. He likes classical music best though.
MOVIE TYPE: Action movies. He always gets so pumped up and excited.
BOOK TYPE: Canta? Reading books? PFFFT. He likes the newspaper though.
GAME TYPE: Shooter games.
COMFORTABLE TEMPERATURE: 80 to 90 degrees. He likes the heat.
SLEEPING PATTERN: He is the type to stay up late and wake up early.
CLEANLINESS/NEATNESS: He is not tidy at all, but he takes care of himself.
DESIRED PET: He would LOVE a pet tiger. But he's very happy with his pet turtle.
HOW DO THEY PASS TIME: He trains and spends time with Fritz.
BIGGEST SECRET: His past? I dunno. I need to think of one...?
HERO/WHO THEY LOOK UP TO: Himself. Yes. He's THAT self-centered.
FEARS: He is afraid of his father, things that squirm, insects and losing Fritz like his first friend.
COMFORTS: Just having Fritz around. He also can't function without apple juice... in juice box form. Or else it isn't good D: And it has to be apple juice.
DRUNK TYPE: he doesn't get drunk. Because if he did... everyone would die >_>
SPECIAL ABILITIES/MAGICS: He can't really use magic, but his gloves give off a green flame that he can shoot at people. Yeeeeeh.
HOW DID THEY GET SAID MAGICS: Zero, the techie of the group, made him the special gloves.
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