MelodySilver Moon Reference Picture

I'm just gonna post this now, and as I get all the other parts done, I'll update it.~

Sorta stole =porcelian-doll's bio sheet outline, hope that is alright.

Name: Melody Kokinos (Artemis)
Alias: Silver Moon
Alignment: Good
Nationality: Greek
Personal History: Melody's birth is shrouded in mystery, but no one fights over who her mother was. Her visual look was enough to convince Zeus and the other's that she was indeed Artemis's child. Artemis loved her child so she put her somewhere save, watching over her as she grew. When Melody hit her early teen years, she ran into a man mugging a woman. Even then, Melody knew the right thing to do. Since then, she has put herself between many villians and victims, quite literally in some cases. She jumps in the middle of battle, guarding the innocent. She already has a number of enemies that had began to surrounded, so in order to disappear from their reach, Melody heeded Halli's call and joined the Vanguards.
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Undecided
Age: Unknown (Looks 18)
Aura Color: White
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Long Blonde, Normally Curly (Expect when in costume)
Skintone: Light
Distinguishing Features: A crest moon birthmark on each wrist
Weight: 120lbs
Height: 5'0
Personality: Artemis can be very loving at times, always wanting to help others, however if provoked too much she can be very dangerous. She has an inhuman love a children, guarding them with her very life if that what it takes. She isn't too fond of men however. She can be very wild/loud and party-girl at times, but when it comes to safety of others, she always tries her best to keep them safe. When she is angered, she seems to speak in a foregin tongue however, it's just old Latin. Also she seems to loose sight of herself, others, and the world when she is extremely angered and will only see her target.
Partner: N/A
Family: Artemis (Mother), Father (Unknown Human), any other family is unknown.
Friends: ??
Pets: Will go on about having a pet Laelaps (Still has yet to be seen though)
Special Items: A bow and arrows from her mother (Normally doesnt have it on her though)
Weapons: A crest shaped sword.
Proficiencies: Enhanced Strength, Combat (Specially fighting at night), and Archery.
Magic/Special Abilities: Speaking with Animals
Interests: Greek Mythology, Partying, Mothering people (lol)

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