My Dear Crussandra Valkyrie Picture

A Symbol of Justice, DEVOTION and a KNIGHT of Love, Crussandra Valkyrie is the 3rd self created character from 3 goddesses after Justine Geolazuki but the leader and Chief Commander of seventh gate of heavens and a new chosen Goddess by St. Michael the Archangel to assigned his position as the chief Archangel goddess of the lord (Zeus) after he implanted his sword into Crussandra's forehead making it as her emblem and blended to her whole bone structure, symbolize to promote Crussandra Valkyrie as his new beholder of the Chief Commander Archangel and considering as her soul father, as of St. Michael's retirement that day after the first heaven war between good and evil and after Satano has being thrown to TARASUS (tartasus in greek methology) in short, Crussandra is the most dangerous and unpredicted powerful of frontal Cavalry Warrior Maiden in Eternity Heavens and Valhala's faithful Goddess to pray from the mortals, so you can identify her as Paladin,Lord Knightress,Crussadress, Royal Guard and a Valkyrie, (which she can resurrect any slained good warrior souls in any battle and send them back to the destined path of heaven or as resurrect them by their good deeds of this earth, (by the NORSE MYTHOLOGY) & the like. Crussandra's outfit as you can observed that she doesn't have any ARMORS or helms equipped at her unlike of the most swordsman or knight classes because her body is the symbol of armory that cannot pierce by any means of force and by the more force she receives the more she becomes stronger because of any force she receives, it gains more to her as her power whether it is a magical or came from the gods because her vitality is her existence as goddess and................because any kind of knight's name is her!!!

Her Abilities:

Crussandra Valkyrie's powers are unpredictable, she uses old and new testament of cast and St. Michaels' Law to imbued her powers, she has a strenght of eternity symbol meaning she kill all six hundred sixty six million demon souls in TARASUS 2 million years ago in heavens only her presence and it takes 3 minutes to kill them all very fast. Crussandra also has her healing ability, only good souls and persona can be healed or resurrected if she wants, she also has an ability to create almighty judgement in which when it casts any target will instantly killed and dematerializes it including its soul de existing to matter and other special abilities such as Holy Cross, Eternity cross, White Pierce, Holy beam, Anglo Eterna (Eternal Angel) and all Cast Laws of old and New testament and the most destructive ability of Crussandra is "BERSERK of the Archangel Goddess" in which when in that mode Crussandra can turned into a most heavenly destructive warrior even she can damages her Lord when attacked or can destroy all the gods existing and all heavens or Hell.

weapons: "Angelita" (Crussandra Valkyrie's holy courier and assistant angel fairy who handles her Pole Axe and her forbidden weapons which is not yet Identified as of now), Pole Axe and Crussandra mono sword that converts into BI-Sword (twin sword has an Aura in each edges came from her blood itself) if she wants.

Defenses: She possesses her non destructive Armour, nothing else but only her body herself in which it cannot pierce all kinds of force with evil sources only a good possessed forces only could be possibly her armor as its weakness.

Crussandra Valkyrie since birth has no biological parents therefore, she was created by the Holy Eternity Cross that covers the entire heavens and while the good angels are covered, her holy soul fertilizes it and a fetus inside the Eternity Cross emerges and created a life form waiting for someone who has an eternity goodness at heart to hatch the fetus and evolved into a fine young and a very beautiful female form with a face of an angel.

Crussandra recognized in my plot (one of my protagonist character) as gods and goddesses to face and rule all warfare in her time that is why she was born from the ETERNITY CROSS post in the seventh tower in seventh gate of heavens after Satano was defeat with St. Michael, this cross is post in the front area to shield the entire heavens from intruders after they knew about luciferos's invaded plans....................but after Satan succeed to stolen the Eternity Cross he deliver it to Inferno for sealing on it but accidentally a man named identified as the SAIYANOID rescued the cross and returned to the Olympia but suddenly the cross breaks after it is deceived by the presence of a mortal flesh from him and Crussandra is came out and devoted him as her husband and lover incidentally from the gods over and doesn't knew the reality of Crussandra until they know Zeus was a new Descended human form from that SAIYANOID.

so the celebration of mankind is the same of the celebration of St. Michael in September 29, and July 1 is her most important Love Celebration in her life (in which she gave her first love to Pimoh Daimaoh)
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