Fakemon Sairong Picture

It is one of the Deity Trio of Ashter Region
based on the justice entity of Barong from the Balinese mythology

Sairong is a Psychic/Fighting Type Pokemon

This pokemon is said to have a never ending battle against Dangra its evil counterpart, until the battle caused so much havoc, that the third Deity Trio, Rajaruda is awakened and sealed them both in the island of Baridise (Bali)

Species: Hero Pokemon

Set Move:
- Zen Headbutt
- Psychic
- Aura Sphere
- Close Combat

Signature Move
- Justice Strike
base power 150 accuracy 100, recharges afterwards
the user glows with an array of light colors and then vanishes in an astonishing speed of light, and then appears close quarters with the opponent and strikes the foe with every last bit of its power
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