Kitsune-bito Concept Picture

"As long as there were kitsune elders to offer wise counsel, kitsune warriors to fight, and kitsune tricksters to stack the deck in their favor, her people would endure" - Lady Pearl-Ear of the Kitsune-bito's thoughts on her people.

The 'kitsune-bito', or foxfolk, of Kamigawa is a rather playful race. They live in the less dense parts of the great Jukai forests, close to the araba plains of Towabara. They also share close diplomatic ties with the humans of Towabara, and are even represented at their diplomatic court in Eiganjo. Therefore they are well-versed in the human tongue, and they even keep alternative names as simplified aliases for the sake of human understanding. The kitsune usually live in smaller villages with large families. They feel a strong connection to the spirits of nature and civilisation alike, and their senses are far more adept than those of humans, even capable of sensing the aura of children from birth. Physically they are far smaller than humans on average, but they are quick and agile beyond human capabilities. The length of their featureless muzzles also varies a great deal. Their society is led by the Elders of each village, who also act as spiritual leaders when they communicate with their kami. The kitsune are also well-trained in the ways of bushido and make for excellent samurai and rangers. They do not appreciate the hierarchy that rank brings about however. The kitsune are also very fond of playing tricks, and their mischievous nature occasionally gets them into tight situations.

This is fanart of the Kitsune-bito from the Kamigawa-cycle of Magic the Gathering.
To anyone who's completely lost about all this; the Kamigawa-cycle is a cycle of cards from Magic the Gathering, by Wizards of the Coasts, with storyline books written by Scott McGough.
The Kamigawa-cycle is more or less built on Japanese folklore and mythology.

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