Our Solar System Warriors's Color Correspond Chart Picture


This is our Solar System Warriors's color correspond chart!

I am showing you the two different picture, so you can see what I mean exactly. I put both traditional and modern color stars together as 16 or possible 17 colors for our Solar System Senshi's main colors.

"Traditional Color Wheel Star" and "Modern Color Wheel Star"

Sun is act as its original prism in white hit the crystal and spread the spectrum to all planetary system senshi which is act as their rainbow colors around its center of solar system, our Sun! ~ White light refracted in a prism revealing the color components. "Prism to Spectrum" ~

Sun was originally Gold (Orange-yellow/Golden Yellow) while as Moon was originally Silver (Silvery/White). They switched by the time she exchanged all the power and all the responsibility of rule the Solar System to the Moon Royalty for the valuable reasons before she tragically died as a virgin in the end of Golden Millennium.

Color (Senshi Name)
1. Red (Mars)
2. Vermilion/Flame (Vulcan)
3. Orange (Venus)
4. Yellow-Orange/Golden (Earth-Prince Endymion)
5. Yellow (Phaeton)
6. Green-Yellow/Chartreuse (Eris)
7. Forest Green/Green (Jupiter)
8. Spring Green (Haumea)
9. Teal/Cyan (Neptune)
10. Light Blue/Azure (Sedna)
11. Blue (Mercury)
12. Navy/Indigo (Uranus)
13. Regalia/Purple (Saturn)
14. Red-Purple/Magenta (Nemesis)
15. Rose (???)
16. Maroon (Makemake)
17. Black (Pluto)
18. Silver (Moon-Queen Serenity/Princess Serenity II)
19. Pink (Moon-Princess Lady Serenity III)
20. Brown (Theia-Earth)
21. White (Sun)

(*) That mark which mean it is possible or not.

Color Symbolization with its Meaning
It will explain you about how can it be fit the Planetary Senshi's personalities and elements on their outfits!

White symbolizes
"ghosts, goodness, innocence, purity or virginity, nobility, softness, emptiness, God, sickness, lack, snow, ice, heaven, Caucasian, peace, cleansing, clairvoyance, air, sunlight, light, surrender, clouds, frost, milk, cream, cotton, angels, weakness, bones, protagonist, winter, hope, faith, perfection, confidence, enlightenment, truth, protection, happiness, the divine, divine glory, and monarchism"

Pink symbolizes
"femininity, affection, flirting, open to love, hearing, and spring."
~The color pink is named after the flowers called pinks, flowering plants in the genus Dianthus.~

Red symbolizes
"aggression, love, negativity, passion, socialism, communism, Valentine's Day, heat, fire, beauty, leadership, masculinity, injury, danger, blood, Christmas, volcanoes, conservatism (US), error, courage, stop, failure, drug intolerance, wrong way, and death"
This is perfect for Sailor Mars passion and fire with purple which are psychic awareness and spirituality. In Roman myth, Mars was the god of war.

Orange symbolizes
"warning, autumn, desire, fire, Halloween, Thanksgiving, prisoners, Orangism (Netherlands), Unionism in Ireland, Indian religions, engineering, determination, compassion, endurance, and optimism"
It is perfect for Sailor Venus with love, (Yellow) and ... (Navy). In Roman myth, Venus was the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility.
~As senshi of love, love is an energy because love can't see, but only feeling special kind of energy.~

Gold (Amber also known as orange-yellow) symbolizes
"spiritual healing, faith, constancy, wisdom, wealth, glory, solar magic, attraction, persuasion, wealth, financial wisdom, eternal or spiritual love, blessing, super conscious, and spiritual truths"
It is perfect for Sailor Sun with royalty (regalia/purple) and light, cleansing, purity or viriginity, peace, sunlight, hope, faith, perfection, confidence, enlightenment, truth, protection, happiness, the divine, divine glory, and monarchism (white). Sun was also know as Sol (Latin / Roman) and Helios (Greek), the god of the Sun in Greek myth.

Yellow symbolizes
"grace, sunshine, warmth, fun, happiness, warning, friendship, caution, slow, intelligence, cowardice, love, animal crossing, Mardi Gras, summer, lemons, Easter, autumn, electricity, liberalism/libertarianism, hope, optimism, imagination, curiosity, charm, confidence, vision, enthusiasm, and an easy going attitude about life."
It is perfect for Sailor Phaeton with love, magic, exorcism, kindness, compassion, justice, and passion (magenta). In Greek myth, Phaeton was the son of the Sun god, Helios and the Oceanid, Clymene. His name means "shining". He had sun power in his blood, yet not full which he was half-blood sun god and mortal. Sailor Phaeton's power controls light (sunshine/photon) and electricity (lightning/electromagnets). In hence, she is the senshi of plasma.

Green-Yellow (Chartreuse) symbolizes
"confidence, prosperity, travel, growth, anger, sickness, cowardice, discord, and jealousy."
It is perfect for Sailor Eris with chaos (black) and justice (silver). In Greek myth, Eris was the goddess of strife and discord. Sailor Eris is feared and respected for her eternal and unforgiving rage and, though despised by the Solar System Warriors, not even they dare to confront her.

Green symbolizes
"nature, growth, hope, youth, sickness, health, Islam, spring, Saint Patrick's Day, money (US), and envy"
It is perfect for Sailor Jupiter with (Pink). She is the soldier of wood (<--- nature and spring such as flower and oak) and thunder. In Roman myth, Jupiter was the supreme god of all gods and goddesses, and the god of the sky and thunder.

Spring Green symbolizes
"fertility and children."

It is perfect for Sailor Haumea with love/health/healing (Rose). In Hawaiian myth, Haumea was the goddess of fertility and childbirth. Also, she was a powerful sorcery.

Teal (Cyan) symbolizes
"a balancing of calmness and hot-headedness, sophistication, trustworthiness, devotion, healing, and water (<-- Cyan). The Intercessors of the Lamb, a Roman Catholic lay ecclesial movement, wears as its habit a teal scapular, which symbolizes the community's role as intercessors between heaven (blue) and earth (green)."
It is perfect for Sailor Neptune with dark cerulean in the same blue category. In Roman myth, Neptune was the god of water and the sea/ocean.

Light Blue (Azure, but also part of blue) symbolizes
"ice (chilling in a negative meaning)"
It is perfect for Sailor Sedna with snow, cold, and winter (blue and white). In Inuit myth, Sedna was the ice and underworld goddess of the sea and marine animals.

Blue symbolizes
"ice, water, sky, sadness, winter, police, royalty, boys, cold, calm, magic, trueness, conservatism (universally), liberalism (US), and capitalism. It is often associated with depth and stability. It also another symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven."
It is perfect for Sailor Mercury with light blue that is associated with health, healing, tranquility, understanding, and softness. The blue symbolizes of water for Sailor Mercury since she is senshi of water and knowledge. In Roman myth, Mercury was the swift god of trade and travel, and a messenger of the gods. During the Mercuralia, merchants sprinkled water from his sacred well near the Porta Capena on their heads.

Navy (Indigo) symbolizes
"loyalty, religion, spirituality, and intuition. It carries the blue symbolism of importance, confidence, power, and authority. It is associated with intelligence, stability, unity, and conservatism. Navy is part of blue that also symbolizes the sky/heaven and masculine (tom-boy which Uranus dressed her's masculine way)."
It is perfect for Sailor Uranus with (Yellow). In Greek myth, Uranus was the god of the sky/heaven.
~The complement of blue is orange (Traditional) and yellow (Modern).~

Purple symbolizes
"royalty, imperialism, nobility, Lent, Easter, Mardi Gras, episcopacy, upper class, poison, friendship, engineering, passion, sharing, wisdom, rage, homosexuality, contrition, sympathy, extreme, sophistication, power, luxury, and ambition. It conveys wealth and extravagance. Purple is associated with wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, mystery, and magic."
It is perfect for Sailor Saturn with sarcifice and strength (Maroon). In Roman myth, Saturn was the god of time, agriculture, justice, and strength.

"Where there is light Saturn brings darkness, where there is heat Saturn brings cold, where there is joy Saturn brings sadness, where there is life Saturn brings death, where there is luck Saturn brings misfortune (and sometimes heavy consequences for bad judgment or mistakes), where there is unity Saturn brings isolation, where there is knowledge Saturn brings fear, where there is hope Saturn brings skepticism and stalling. Death, particular in old age, has been associated with Saturn since ancient times." - "Saturn (Mythology)"

Regalia is a purple color shade in purple classification and meaning the insignia of royalty.

Don't confused with violet.

Red-purple (Magenta because in the Munsell color system, magenta is called red-purple.) symbolizes
"anti-racism, love, romance, harmony, balance, magic, anger, unforgiveness, violence, cruelty, respect, high rank, dignity, exorcism, kindness, thoughtfulness, compassion, justice, appreciation, understanding, fidelity, and passion."
It is perfect for Sailor Nemesis with justice (Silver) and darkness/anger (Black). In Greek myth, Nemesis was the goddess of balance, justice, retribution, and vengeance. She was righteous anger, jealousy, and remorseless goddess. Sailor Nemesis is feared and respected because she is the dangerous soldier of retributive justice and darkness.
(A combination of red and purple in positive and negative meanings.)

Rose symbolizes
"love, optimism, health, and healing."

Dark Red (Maroon) symbolizes
"mysterious, indicates frigidity, courage, bravery, heroism, strength, sarcifice, recuperation, composed warm-hearted, and co-operative."
It is perfect for Sailor Makemake with fertility (green). In Rapa Nui (Easter Island) myth, Makemake was the god of strength, humanity, and fertility.

Black symbolizes
"authority, sexuality, sophistication, wealth, fear, unhappiness, depth, style, timeless, sadness, remorse, anger, mourning, chaos, darkness, and the underworld. Black is associated with power, elegance, formality, anarchy, death, evil, and mystery."
It is perfect for Sailor Pluto with about the same means (brown). In Greek myth, Pluto was the god of the underworld, death, and wealth.

Silver (Gray) symbolizes
"metal, high tech, calm, security, reliability, intelligence, staid, modesty, dignity, maturity, wisdom, intuition, mystic visions, and justice."
It is perfect for Sailor Vulcan with heat/fire/volcanoes (red), and strength, endurance, intellect, and creativity (orange). In Roman myth, Vulcan was the god of fire and blacksmith (metal-maker).

Brown, of course, symbolizes
"soil and ground such earthly, order, stability, reliability, down-to-earth, sad, wistful, intelligence, reassurance, knowing, and trust."
It is perfect for Sailor Earth with sky, water, and land (Teal). In Roman myth, Terra was a goddess personifying the Earth.

NOTICE: Sailor Earth, my personal senshi, got teal for her secondary colors of both bows because I put it from Sailor Neptune's main color since teal is a combination of blue which that for sky and water, and green is for land such as forest and grass. Both are mixed together as teal (Green-blue, but it classification as Cyan).



I will continually maintenance the symbolic of color with its meaning until I satisfy this. I apologized for an inconvenience.

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