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"I will try not to worry you.
I have seen things that you will never see."
REM - Try Not To Breathe

Name: Rau'djan "Rau"
Gender: Stallion
Age: 732 [approximate]
Duty: Vanquisher
Aura/Charm: dark purple. crystal pendant woven into his tail.
Eyes: Gold/Orange
Coat: Dark grulla with lighter chestnut/buckskin overo markings. Heavy dorsal stripe and barring on back, shoulders, neck.
Mane/Tail: Black. Mane ends halfway down his neck. Tuft between the shoulder blades. Tail is leonine.

Disposition: Rau is usually serious, reserved and withdrawn. Some may mistake this for arrogance. He can be affectionate, but makes few friends, and takes his time about it when he does. Some have known him for decades and still cannot be counted 'friends.'
Rau takes his duty as Vanquisher very seriously, above all else. This usually keeps him apart from herds and partnerings. Almost always solitary. Sightings few and far between.
When challenged he is a fearsome warrior. His hide is covered with scars from fighting, though most of his battles are with deranged and violent spirits.
He sometimes will pause in his roaming to guard a mare during her foaling, never coming near but standing vigilant watch for predators. This is due to the loss of his own mate and foal, long years ago.
Now he rarely takes a mate, but is a protective and attentive partner when he does.

History: Rau'djan is an ancient warrior. Some speculate he is one of the very first Vanquishers. He has been assosciated with various portentious events since.

Rau's first confrontation with a rogue spirit nearly killed him. After the battle the ghost left him marked with a rune below his left eye; a permanent brand. The rune is a symbol of death and conquest with a double meaning signifying both an individual who has faced and triumphed over death, and one who will eventually succumb to it.

Long ago Rau left off his duty for a time and took a mate. This was a joyous, restful time for him, but he could not neglect his duty. The pair were haunted by a rogue spirit, as if taunting Rau. Leaving his mate with foal, he persued the spirit and vanquished it, banishing it to the beyond. Returning, he found his mare had foaled hard and she and the newborn had been set upon by wild predators and killed. This tragedy, and the solemn, dangerous nature of his duties have shaped his dark and serious temperment.

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