Fate Stay Night Contest: Freyja Picture

For the Fate Stay Night Servant Contest.

Freyja is a Goddess from the Norse Mythology. She is worships as many things, such as The Goddess of Love, Lust, War, Beauty, Gold and alot more. You can find more info on Wikipedia: [link]

Freyja can be of 3 classes, Caster, Lancer and Archer. I depicted her this time as a Caster.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Noble Phantasm: The Necklace of Caritas, Brísingamen
Brísingamen creates a Reality Marble called Folkvangr, where all Noble Phantasms and Reality Marbles that are ranked below EX are nullified. All Servants except for Freya has all thier stats downranked by one. Gungnir is upranked to EX regardless of its original rank.

Noble Phantasm: Gungnir
Rank: C (Caster) A (Lancer)
If Freya is a Caster-class, Gungnir is formed as an energy spear, while Lancer class Gungnir is a solid weapon. Insde Folkvangr, Gungnir is upranked to EX, and its appearance will be a solid weapon wrapping in aura.

Well don't really mind if I win or not, but this has been immensely enjoyable and I hope many of you like it.
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