GM- Ryuu Picture


Name: Ryuu
Gender: Male
Creature: Oriental dragon- Lion Dragon
Gem: Opal
Mythology: Chinese/japanese
Personality/background: Ryuu is trapped here from another world. He fell to earth, leaving a wake of color in the atmosphere before landing in a the northern hemisphere. He roams the arctic area of the earth, waiting for a partner that can help him leave. If he can find a person with a strong aura, they'll be able to assist him in his plans.
Ryuu is generally kind to those he meets.. but, since he can see auras, if someone has a dark/evil one, he will refuse to have anything to do with them.
He loves and needs the cold; if he's in high temperatures for too long of a time he'll become angry and if he remains there his aura will become dark.

Blood Relations


More info?
The chinese and japanese believed that the dragons that inhabited their lands were wise, belovenlent creatures. They would often inhabit water ways, and feed off fish. They could read, write, and use magic in some tales. Sometimes, they could even change from goldfish to dragons!

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