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Name: Iriselle Dela Cruz

Nickname: Iris

Age: 13

Birth date: May 11, 2005

Eye color symbolism: her eyes are blue (left) and brown (right) symbolizes she lacks her belief in fantasy fully (except in her childhood years)

Original eye color before beginning of transformation: both eyes are brown

Ornament color symbolism: Pink-Necklace ornament (her point of view to have a peaceful life) and the yellow-and-blue single metal wing only shown in battle (the half wing presentation suggests she’s a “fallen bird”)

Weapon: Princess and Pauper (Twin guns—but she only uses one gun in this picture for her to summon magic)

Power/s: can see through auras, able to cast out negative spirit spheres from affected victims (only at critical times)

Likes: vanilla ice cream and hazelnuts, literary books, writing poems

Dislikes: losing in a fight, her mother, being disturbed

Strengths: fast, crafty, skilled with her guns, competent, poetic

Weaknesses: lazy, hot-and-short tempered, tempted to eat vanilla ice cream, fighting darkness-based monsters, careless and reckless

Fears: anybody who tries to steal her chocolates, anybody who hurts her father

Ambitions: secretly wanting to have her family peacefully back together (she would never admit it)

Personality: She’s a hot-tempered and stubborn girl who wants a single moment of solitude. She’s competent, which gets herself into fights occasionally. She can get rebellious when she has to. But deep inside she can be kind and helpful in times of need. She used to be part of a church choir as child and had a ‘heavenly voice’, but she quit at the start of the post wars.

Character background: She is the (slightly sadistic) young heiress to “Marea Royale”, a famous fashion couture that her mother owns. She is also the daughter to a retired police man in the Philippines. She keeps reading and learning poetry despite her mother forced her to manage fashion couture business when she turns 21. She has an older brother and their eldest sister, but they ignore each other most of the time. In her school before she graduated in elementary, she was being teased by her as “Shakespeare” as being the only student in 6th grade back then who is interested in poetry. Now about to enter 1st year high school, she has been reconsidering whether she should continue writing literature.

History background: During the 7 years when her mother went to America to pursue her fashion line business, it was her father who taught 6-year-old Iris back then how to use guns for the sake of her safety against the recent post wars, since the bodyguards that her mother sent were proved ineffective. In present time, her mother returned from her 7-year business from America and bought a new mansion back in the Philippines along with her aunt Cecil and her closest cousin Sheila. The two cousins explored their old hiding place in the nearest forest. Sheila was suddenly killed mysteriously when Iris lost her somewhere in the woods. (It’s noted that when she was 7 she also went to the forest alone after her mother’s leave. She saw strange boy when she encountered a golden-tinged tree stump. She thinks—at the very least, the boy from 7 years ago has something to do with it, but she has no proof. SPOILER: that boy was Sora of Kingdom Hearts, which Iris will encounter and become her rival for fight for power in her new school of fantasy-powered students—this is a crossover after all) she has two mementos: a rosary that her cousin worked together which was left unfinished with a missing bead, and her mother’s first designed blouse for her (a white blouse with an oversized ribbon in front decorated with crystals) which she had lost somewhere.

Role in the story: She is the protagonist, and somewhat an anti-hero, of the “The Crossover”. She’s randomly chosen as the “Blue light” and surprisingly, acts as the (wo)manpower of the group for her lack of belief in fantasy. She began to believe that absence f fantasy really is the reason why the world is imbalance in the year of 2018. She determines to find and open “Eden’s corridor”, which was believed to be found in the mythological Garden of Eden that was said in Bible stories, much to her surprise.
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