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Hehehe.... I'm giving you guys a glimpse of the project I'll /hopefully/ be working on as soon as I find some skill.

So don't hold your breath. :3

Anyway, it's based off the children of Typhon and Echidna from Greek Mythology. Basically, their spirits hitch a ride with some mortals and well... the go have adventures and stuff. I haven't cleared that up yet, but this idea's been floating about in my head for about two years now, give or take. I couldn't find a good list of Typhon's kids, so I used my knowledge of Myths and a bit of personal preference to choose. I ended up including-

The Calydonian Boar- [link]
The Nemean Lion- [link]
The Sphinx
The Hydra
The Chimera- [link]
Ladon- You Are Here

The "monsters" can manifest their "aura" in either the form of a weapon or in their own form. Each weapon is unique and has its own special, limited abilities. They can't manifest their aura on their own, but they require the "focus" of their host, who can either wield the weapon or "coat" themselves with the monster's form. The weapons, with exception of Gourouni, are all based off real weapons. Gourouni's basically just a big whacky thing with spikes.

They each also have their own greek letter.

So this the second baby or the family, Ladon. He is based off a mixture of lion, cattle, gecko, and Triceratops. Yes his mane's made of snakes. His host is an easy-going college kid from South Africa.

Name: Ladon (He came with the name)
Letter: Lambda
Personality: Ladon is easily the most positive and "innocent" of the siblings, as he is the only one who did not die a painful, humiliating death at the hands of the humans. He is so innocent that he borders on naive and is easily tricked. It should be pointed out that he has to be mentally and emotionally "protected" by his host. This being said, he is considerably less "anti-human" as the rest and always give the benefit of the doubt. His good manners and genuine concern for others make him very popular among his friends. However, to other monsters, it's seen as a side of weakness. He has the least battle experience and lacks any taste of "life or death", so he can take things too lightly, or expect too good of people easily.

Abilities: Like his siblings, he has limited regenerative abilities. His physical abilities are about average for something of his size and musculature. His offense, however, is extremely powerful, due to his ability to judge when and where to strike before using a combination of momentum and angle to deal the maximum damage. He also has incredible reach, and can extend the snakes around his neck to a length of twenty feet to harry and restrain and opponent (they are non-poisonous).

His weapon for is that of the dual Chinese Meteor Hammer. With his host holding onto the connecting rope he can strike, entangle and confuse an opponent from a safe distance. The blue tassel is designed to confuse and further disorient the enemy. It's ability is tied to Ladon's snakes; the rope can extend to any (reasonable) length. However, the longer it gets, the more likely it is to get tangled.

Quoth Wikipedia "Using a meteor hammer involves swinging it around the body to build up considerable speed, before releasing the meteor to strike at any angle. Since the meteor has two heads, one could be used offensively, while the other could be used to defend, parrying attacks or ensnaring an opponent's weapon to disarm them. When used by a skilled fighter, its speed, accuracy and unpredictability make it a difficult weapon to defend against. While being swung, a meteor may be wrapped around its user's arms, legs, torso, neck or waist, before being unwrapped by a powerful jerk of the body to deliver a devastating and lightning fast punch. A master is fully capable of striking, ensnaring or strangling from a distance."

So that's it. *goes to work on the Nemean Lion

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