Asag Concept Picture

I said I was drawin' Asag (formerly Kaijuron) wasn't I?
Well in any case here is his current redesign status update, and I'm REALLY digging it. Tons of "rotating joints" in waist, legs, etc. allows him to centipede like maneuvering, rear up for mantid forelimb impaling and full body limb slicing in flight. Taking the worst of Centipedes, Wasps, Mantids, Ants (Jack Jumper/Bulldog Ant inspired mandibles) and other creepy crawlers for a bee-a-phobes worst nightmare...who is constantly on fire. Because the burning radioactive aura is still a thing.


(To be colored later if wellish received...or not depending on the comments and if I still like the design as much as I do.)
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