Zahra the Umdhlebi Picture

Meet Zahra, the Umdhlebi.
A new character for a story I am working on. All the characters are treasure hunters that have powers tied to mythological creatures/things in history.

The Umdhlebi:
The Umdhlebi is a mythological tree in South Africa. Said to have sweet smelling fruit, it lures animals to it with the smell only to kill them with the deadly toxins it releases from it's roots and soil. The dead animals fertilize the soil around the Umdhlebi making it grow faster and stronger.

Zahra (meaning Blossom):
Zahra is as deadly as it gets in treasure hunting. Known to frequent the jungles of South Africa. Zahra is a sweet woman with a strong and focused personality. She knows what she wants and will take it, first with a soft word but a strong hand will follow. Often viewed as naive by other treasure hunters for wearing elegant floral and skull dresses, but Zahra loves giving herself personal challenges and sees maintaining beauty under impractical conditions just part of her daily tests. And if a competitor underestimates her deadly skill because of a cute dress, well all the better.

The Umdhlebi power:
The Umdhlebi power manifests in Zahra as a deadly poison aura around her. Zahra has worked hard to control her powers, and can turn them off, or dial them up as needed. Anything living will be effected. Plants wither and die, while creatures will get dizzy and die if not treated quickly. Her powers grow stronger the more death that surrounds her. They feed off it. So while she might look like a beautiful blossom in the lush jungle, once she finds a tomb to raid you'll quickly see why the prettiest flowers are usually the deadliest.

tl;dr Treasure hunter Death Mage with a flower theme
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