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So here is my second Monster High OC Moray. I am quite knowledgeable in mythology and monster lore so it was gonna happen that I would make more than one OC even though I know less of Monster High than my boyfriend. However the only Shark/mythology are Hawiian Gods. I don't consider Gods as monsters, they are gods, someone's religion. However I wanted a shark boy, so Moray come inter existence by Dylan's experiments.

Moray was a side project of Dylan, a member of the DeathTone Organization and the Geneticist. Dylan used several sea creatures to create Moray, of course shark DNA and a little bit of jellyfish for the bioluminescence, and a human subject. After his experiment came out successful, probably more out of boredom and Kine's influences, Dylan sent Moray to Monster High to get rid of him for now and so Moray could learn an education. Dylan doesn't have the time, and the emotional ability, to care for Moray.

Moray is a care-free friend of Hawkmoth, his room-mate, and he is a bit of a flirt. Moray is basically the opposite of Hawkmoth and more of a social butterfly compared to his mothy friend. He is friendly, very loud and full of energy. He enjoys swimming of course, and his least favorite class is math. Although sharks are technically smart, Moray isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. Moray likes food however he doesn't need to eat a lot to survive, he still eats a lot, usually small meals throughout the day. This is gives him a high metabolism. Like sharks, Moray likes to examine things with his mouth and has a habit of putting things in his mouth and chewing/biting objects. He also has a favorite stuff animal, a white seal named Seabert.

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