Valhalla-Ildri Valkyrie of Fire Picture

Ildri, the Valkyrie of Fire and the middle child of Vitalia. Like Kiara she shows no respect to Aura because she is half human and half god, however still being fair with the souls she brings to Valhalla. She shows barely any emotion to anyone, she has also been using Loki, for she has no idea how to act or feel, Kiara knows this and is why she despises her little sister. One day when Ildri guard was way down, Kiara entered her room armed in one hand but the sword she wields was similar to Aura, being as she has the power of darkness and shadows, she can transform her sword in any shape or form. Ildri did not much care for Kiara being in her room she she got up from her bed and asked her to leave and in one strike Kiara stabbed Ildri in the heart. Ildri was shocked that Kiara even struck her. Kiara drew her sword from Ildri body and just watch her body fall to the ground and continued to stab her. Once she was done she just left and closed Ildri door behind her, and ended up framing her littlest sister Aura or tried to, Vitalia knew that Aura was doing a quest for the guards to Kill rebellious ice titans, even the blood on Aura was a dark blue not red, either way when Loki came upon the body with Aura in front of her he was filled with rage and sorrow that he almost destroyed half of Asgard. Now Loki is determined to bring about Ragnarok.

Voice Actress:
Stephanie Young

Ildri Singing Voice:

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