Phenia 'The First' Kalianey Picture

Derived from Feenja: germanic name. Name of a giantess with huge power of the germanic mythology. Fitting, ain't it?

... the big sister of Jane and Thena.

1000 miles/1640 km tall, enormously strong, and misleadingly beautiful.

After "The First" (Her nickname) was born, Sarah felt the dangerous overwhelming evil aura of the infant. She banished it immediately... unluckily, she is immortal. 6 years later Jane and Thena were born.

"The First"'s abilities:
-Block foreign growth powers with her aura
-Infinite growth (but not usable when blocking other powers)
-Sensing her sisters (but only her sisters!)

-Calm, but the power and evil aura sends shivers down the spine
-Nearly impossible to shake her composure

-Inaccurate in fighting when pissed off
-Sam's Super-K-Fist (when hitting the head, it knocks her out)
-Loves to sleep (when knocked out once, she sleeps veeery long [about 1 month non-stop].)
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