Prototype 246 - 2006 Picture

I had a pretty crazy week at the office, so I did not progress as much as expected on Victory Girl.

Well I did made quite a few new pictures, but the intro flash movie did not progress that much. And I think I already showed enough previews for now, so I thought of showing something else to prevent further spoiling.

What to I do when I have trouble updating? I dig up my old stuff of course! And among it, I try to find the best and most interesting. Stuff that somehow can go on my page despite my lower skills at the time.
This drawing is one of the few I made completely as a traditionnal manga artist do. With pen, ink, and those weird screen tones.
I started drawing with digital, but I wanted to give a shot to traditionnal back then. It was something like 2 years ago. The conclusion is : I may move some day to traditionnal inking (even if I don't really think so for now), but those damn screen tones will be digital in any case!

Plus they just cost so much in France. It hurts.

Anyway she's an old character of mine, "Prototype 246".
She has no name being born from an experiment on human aura. Her "wings" are just the manifestation of this aura and have no real physical substance.
The gaze of her wings has the power to cut through things. Just imagine you launch an invisible, extremely sharp blade from your eyes and you get the idea.
Those wings are sentient and act on their own to protect 246. They can especially cut bullets or tank ammo directed to her easily, making her pretty much unstoppable through regular means.

The story revolved around her and her lover, "Prototype 126".
They both gave the other one a name from the scandinavian mythology, because they used to read together at the laboratory they were in.

126 was "Siegfried" and 246 was "Freyja".

246 kinda goes crazy after being separated from 126, when he is judged as "failure" and locked up.
Sad and angered, she begins destroying the world with her powers, until he manages to escape and rejoin her, then she calm down and they both flee from civilization to live in the himalayan mountains.

I kinda liked this story and I drew 246 quite a few times. I wonder if I will ressurect it in the future?

Anyway, hope you like it.
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