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Topug blades. Gwinn and topug are twin races, later are the higher desired. A topug is a union of a sould and a body. It cannot cast spells or act freely without the latter, but it does not need to be it's own. For further comfort and for many ease, it is a must. Eighter way a body or anything material is a vessel (even trough a topug plays an FPS while "alive"). The vessel, since born, it has it's own emotions, but all higher level belongs to the topug. They are the same being. They breath in the sorroundings (the lifeless sorroundins like terrain and items) and breath out a digested aura. This is called Alpha (radius 9feet) and their magic aura grows wider with it.

Topugs keep items with themselves and partially their Alpha distorts these items like they were enchanted. The effect is more peculiar, less powerfull, but grows with the topug. Topug casting is about "seeding" others with fragments of their alpha and transmitting spell effects from people to people. These blades were effected by topug and stayed this way after their owners' death.

It is about fire. Tecnically the crossbar is made out of flames, but solid as rock. The blade - in the hands of a caster, can become incorporal and pass trough a blocking, even magical item and burn the opponent. Can also pass trough the bars of a helmet or chain armor. Even trough it is fire, it cannot be put out and is not lighter than steel.

It is a tattoo sword. It can break while disabled and getting cut at the triceps where it stores itself. It comes forward as a snake and is transparent as glass. It can cut glass without sound and light based magic can add to it's powers.

Having a dancing nymph (in Adam Costume) in your sword would make it a collector's edition, if you couldn't speak with her. She is uncorporal. It happens to have, that the one made this blade, Judit Ivoniasta is still an active spirit and not passed and she left a fragment of her alpha quite alive in her sword. The nymph and her have a distant connection and she can speak trough the sword. For some sailors' menace, the maker of the sword can cast magic quite easily trough it and have a higher sence of humor than most people, so if you want to have your sword funcion in battle, try not to abuse the owner (who is dead, but still pretty active).

The bubbling sword. It is uncomfortable, since it has no pointy end, makes the bubbling sound all over and constantly slips from it's sheath. And it cannot cut. It "only" absorbs any spells it touches with the "blade". It can store 7 (one for every "bubble"). IT can also fire them back as bolts or raw magic energy if it is not an elemental spell.

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