name : Gatot

this character i made based on the mythological character in my country indonesia named GATOT KACA. in TooLateRANGER story Gatot is a mentor to newbie ranger. He is a "2 star ranger" and one of the "RTKR(Rounded Table Knight Ranger)" member. His personalities is quite funny, act cool at sometimes, care with others. He's quite similiar with kakashi in naruto story which is my favorite character in that series, hehehe.


power's :

His equip is named" Golden star" sword. a sword that can cut diamond easily like tofu. his body is covered with golden aura that protect him. and because he's a" 2 star ranger" , he enabled to reach the second state or second form, the ultimate powers called "OVERDRIVE"
overdrive :

enabled (i will describe it later)......
skills :

Golden star beam : can shoot a gold beam from his forehead golden star emblem.
Golden star slash : slashing the enemies with golden star aura.
ultimate golden star sword : boost the golden aura and focused it on the golden star sword, speed up, power up.

other characters i made so far :


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