Death Couplings Picture

The original title is "Memi, Redgie & Mortimer" but here goes:

"And without notice, she appeared. It was difficult to decide if she was demon, or angel. Her beauty was a mysterious thing to behold, haunting yet inviting with golden eyes lifted through vortexes of the deepest violet and two strange beings that escorted her that seemed to be connected. A screaming, eccentric creature which best compared to a bat and a zoning, cataclysmic feline whose stare looked deep into one's soul. It was hard to keep track of who to keep the most attention to. The milky white skin of the woman before me dared to gaze endlessly, yet the strange, dark feline with its glowing eyes threatened me not to look away from it either... ... and lastly, there was that damn bat, gawking and screaming, mostly gawking as it left its jaw open and rude.

Why they decided to show at this given moment? I've still no idea..."


Yea, so this is Memi.

What is she?

I was digging around in some reading and found out about Memitims, if that's even the plural sense of the word. As far as I can gather, Memitim are a Hebrew mythological creature, angels, with some kind of secret agenda only known for mediating the lives of the living. And according to the Book of Job, they're some sort of killer, or assassins. Of God? If they're angels, they must be... but who knows.

This added more of the mysterious nature to the creature that I thought would be a fun being to assimilate into my imagination. The idea was that I've always wanted to personify death-- but come on, personifying DEATH has been overdone time and time again... so why not something that connotates to it?

I won't bother into the details. I've a feeling no one would want to get that far into it anyhow.

Also, this is the first piece I've picked up and finished in quite some time, yeah? Still... my wacom pen's nib is about to run out and I REALLY should get some replacement nibs soon else I'll be in a world of trouble and have to get a new pen or something, which is never good.

I'll get to more info about this little chickadee some time later down the road. As of right now? Let her mysterious presence, as well as her familiars which I named Rigor & Mortis (She calls them Redgie & Mortimer though), stare back at you.
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