Sailor Eris Picture

I decided to enter =DracheaRannak's Sailor Senshi contest to see if I could handle such a vastly different style. And yes, it was damn difficult - but I hope it turned out ok.

So, here we are. The mother of Discord herself. I borrowed a few symbols from Discordianism (the apples, the cockroaches, the pentagon earrings) to try and flesh out her design some, but otherwise she's a fairly stock standard sailor senshi in terms of design.

The Discordian Eris is rather different from the one I've drawn here (the Discordian version isn't such an evil-looking spaz, for one) but this is a sailor senshi design, and thus, not meant to offend/be taken remotely mythologically seriously.

Name: Eris Gianakos
Ethnicity: Greek/Australian
Age: 22
Birthstone: Amethyst
Colourscheme: blueish-purple-skirt, sailor neck, boots greenish-yellow-bows, eyes navy blue-frills, transparent ribbon, midriff, stockings pale grey-brown-hair
Special Attack: Golden Apple Toss. Sets friends and allies bickering among one another by extruding an aura of discord.
Likes: Hot Dogs (except on fridays)
Dislikes: neat freaks and listmakers.
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