Apricot Picture

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This is Kyou Lin and his name means 'Apricot Forest' -- I know it's an amalgam of Japanese and Chinese, but the Kanji should be correct enough. He's a relatively young kistune that enjoys spending his time helping, guiding, and healing humans. In the mortal world, he's taken up the role of a fairly successful human doctor at the local psychiatric Institution, specializing in cases where contact with supernatural events is the source of trauma. But despite his purely good intentions, Kyou can't help the slightly creepy aura he sometimes gives off when it comes to interaction outside of 'work'.

Besides story time, this is just a quick doodle I did some months ago that I've been meaning to color for a while. I figure Kyou is in the underworld doing rounds as a light-bearer.. looking for lost souls, which is what he does when he's not busy being a doctor. Also, his fox forme is about 5ft tall at the shoulders.

Kyou Lin, Artwork © Karina Weber / *Riftmaw
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