Birth of an Ancient Picture

Acrylic on canvas

It’s Artemis challenging the chaotic evolution of nature.

The Creature in the middle is like a treefolk chrysalis; a vulnerable newborn just taking its first breath of air. The scene is tense, on the brink of eruption.

Artemis is swooping in to allow the essence of the hunt decide the fate of this new step in nature’s evolution.

The Centaur represents the ways of old. He rules his forest with an iron fist, and will not be threatened by this new form of life that will surly bring chaos and disorder to his tyrannical reign.

This "holy" birth has summoned creatures form all corners of the forest.

The wolf pack brings representation of the predators, but the first to arrive at the scene is captivated by the Creature’s aura. Her male companion is just behind her with eyes fixed on the Centaur, sensing his ill will to murder the creature.

The doe, squirrel and rabbits represent innocence, bystanders to the birth of the forest’s savior.

The ringtail is neutral, acting as the bridge between hunter and hunted.

And last but certainly not least, the Elf. The Creature’s lethal protector, hiding in the trees ever watching, guarding the exposed prince. His bow is drawn, but will his magic disarm the Centaur before he can deliver the final blow? Are the flowers wilting from the Creature’s presence or are they bowing with humility? One thing is for certain; after this moment, everything will change.
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