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Yes, for serious, they really are just friends, who would have thought it?

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Full Name: Quenta Kiirar
Nickname(s): The Darksong Captain.
Gender: Male
Age: 163 - 28 in human years, but he's rather boyish in looks.
Birthday: May 5th , Taurus
Hair: Golden with the tips dyed silver
Eyes: Sea blue
Height: 5'11"
Race/Species: Sea Elf
Body Structure/Prominent Markings: Quenta is a bit on the short side and fairly average in his build, nothing to significant. He does bare a few scars of significance. There are burn marks on the base of his left hand going up to the base of his thumb. There is also a fern like pattern running in a curve down his back from the bottom of his neck to his right side. These marks are a wispy sort of grey black - the result of being once attacked by wraith spirits. He has a tattoo of Sachiel's symbol (a cup overfilling with water) on the back of his right shoulder. He has a handprint tattoo on his right side as well.
Beliefs/Religion: Surprisingly he is the only one of both crews who pays full respect to the angel he represents - Sachiel. He also acknowledges assorted deities of liars, rogues and bards.
Temperament: Cautious, Dependable, Loyal, Nervous, Musical, Materialistic, Naive, Attentive, Values Others, Loving, Romantic, Kind, Charming, Emotional, Manipulative, Inquisitive, Stubborn, Dual Personality
Career: First Mate of the Enoch - Former Captain of the Summersong
Likes: Cooking - at which he is excellent, Music - at which he is even better, History, Philosophy, Antiques, Collectables, Magic Trinkets, the Supernatural, Shopping, Theatre, Archaeology, Making Money, His wife and sons.
Dislikes: Shallow People, Whorish People, Lack of morality, insensitivity, his parents.
Natural Talents: Quenta is an extremely skilled musician, going beyond his ability to write amazingly insightful and moving pieces of music and actually being able to use sound and song to manipulate fire, ice and lightning. He can also shatter or weaken objects, heal others and dispel magical aura's outside of his own, all with just his singing voice. He has a minor ability to sense and attract spirits due to the scars on his back which were the result of being injured severely by a wraith ghost. Quenta has a tendency to cook when he's upset to calm down - as a result he's become very talented at it and was made the Enoch's official cook along with first mate.
Background: From a very young age Quenta was seabound, traveling on his uncle's ship as a cabin boy along with Malta Tiris and Lote Narwa. Once the family suddenly became well off however, his father insisted he go to a formal school to become part of society. Extremely bright he excelled in the arts, particularly music, but being a traveler at heart was fond of leaving the school for brief periods to adventure. During one of this travels he encountered the drow maid Ten'oio whom he would elope with and set up a small house barely into his adult years. He had two sons, Sachiel and Sabbath ((Named for the angel he would later learn her represented)) that he was forced to put into hiding after Ten'oio was assassinated by her family and his own family attempted make him return. He would go on to excape the town and school by burning it with his manifesting Seeker of the Song talents and steal the ship Summersong from the harbour. He worked as a pirate under Oline for several years hunting down the drow that killed his wife and earn a bitter reputation. His reign would be brought to an end by the Enoch and now Captain Malta Tiris who would go on to take him in and make him first mate of his own crew. It would later be realized Quenta is the manifestation of the virtue of Chastity: utter devotional love and true understanding of love. To this day he has not had any other lovers besides his late wife and is still devotedly loyal to her years later.

Sachiel/Sabbath: The angel Quenta is the incarnation of. Sachiel, known as "The New Morning Star," is the angel of society, money, love and emotion - said to have been created as a servant for Lucifel, he would go on to take his place as Morning Star once he fell from grace and became Lucifer. The only angel to have ever gone to Earth and returned to the heavens, he is the only one in the heavens who has a true understanding of what it is to love someone unconditionally. He loved the mortal woman Rebecca, but after her death returned to the heavens to mourn her loss and search her out. The tears he cried for her formed the basis of what would become the watery sixth heaven he would go on to rule. After getting into a horrible fight with the demon Asmodeus, he wandered into the Land of the Dead - ruled by Lucifer himself. He allowed Lucifer to touch him and when he did, part of his life drifted away. As a result, by day he is Sachiel and rules in the heaven, but at dusk he must return to the land of the dead, ruling from there as Sabbath - the angel of secrets, mysteries, knowledge and things that are sacred.

Best Friend: Fallaner en'Litse, the cook/second mate/healer of the Leviathan. He met him after getting into a fight with Sul aboard the Leviathan and stumbling into the galley - disturbing him. He impressed the grey elf with his extensive interests and intellect and the two became fast friends, bonding over deep conversations of philosophy, the supernatural and all their similar interests. Quenta admires Fallaner, almost to the point of idolizing him and often seems to know the grey elf better than Fallaner knows himself. He's also the only person who can make Fallaner sleep. Fallaner is the only person that Quenta will talk openly to about his late wife. And no - they aren't dating, he is usually naively innocent of anything Fallaner does.

Siblings: Only child.

Family: Sachiel Kiirar ((His oldest son, much like his father)), Sabbath Kiirar ((His youngest son, much like his mother)), Ten'oio Kiirar ((Late wife - she now exists as a protective spirit that hovers near the key her husband always wears)), Tessa Harma ((A kind sea elf woman who is looking after his sons.))

Friends/Allies: Fallaner en’Litse ((The Healer of the Leviathan)), Lote Narwa ((Second Mate of the Enoch)), Malta Tiris ((The Enoch’s Captain)), Dae Lanta ((Captain of the Leviathan)), Oline Salka ((A mob queen he used to work with)), Gilie and Turytura Raumo ((the navigator and weapons master of the Leviathan)), Huine Nukumna ((The Healer and Mage of the Enoch)), Ataque Turq ((The carpenter of the Leviathan)) Antha Taulka ((The ships Quarter Master)), Lekmee Neithan ((the wind bringer of the Enoch))

Enemies: Sul Arrna: His loathing for Sul knows no bounds and their hatred for each other is probably the most intense out of all the small rivalries between the two ships. At first he thought Sul simply to be a waste of space and annoying, now after all their battles and all the near constant stalker-like harassment Sul has heaped on him, he thinks of him as completely inhuman and psychopathic.

Full Name: Fallaner en'Litse
Nickname(s): Lucifer, Ghost Man
Gender: Male
Age: 208 - 36-ish in human appearance.
Birthday: January 22nd, Aquarius
Hair: White-grey and shoulder-length.
Eyes: Smoke grey
Height: 6'3"
Race/Species: Grey Elf
Body Structure/Prominent Markings: Tall and statuesque, solidly built with an innate elegance. He keeps his body free of scars and blemishes, though his hands are somewhat calloused. His arms however, are covered in scars all the way up to slightly past his elbow. They are a dark grey-black and wispy, as if fingers trailed over his skin. The scars do not indent the skin at all, seeming to be beneath it instead. They're the result of being assaulted by wraith spirits; he keeps his arms covered at all times.
Beliefs/Religion: Completely devoted to the worship of Ildethii, the goddess of death, spirits and the ethereal plane.
Temperament: Detached, Knowledgeable, Intelligent, Responsible, Proud, Aloof, Cold, Wise, Arrogant, Focused, Insomniac, Scholarly, Intellectual, Unemotional, Strong-Willed, Analytical
Career: Second Mate/Healer/Cook on The Leviathan
Likes: Spirits and Ghosts, the Supernatural, Himself, Cooking, Healing Arts, Philosophy, Antiques, Reading, Researching, the Ethereal Plane, Recognition, Praise, His People, Religion
Dislikes: Looking Bad, Being Embarrassed, Unintelligence, Disrespect, Wraiths, Followers of Atarumai
Natural Talents: Fallaner is an extremely skilled doctor, having practiced healing arts since a young age. He has an broad knowledge of anatomy, maladies and how to treat them, both with magic and manual skill. He is a very good cook and spends a lot of time creating and looking for new recipes. Fallaner, along with the rest of his family and race, has an instinctive connection with the ethereal plane and the spirits that inhabit it. He is able to both see and sense ghosts and other spirits, and as a part of his soul permanently resides on the ethereal, he can slip between planes effortlessly. He has an extensive knowledge of ghost lore and is well-versed in communicating with them where others can't.
Background: Fallaner grew up in a prosperous city, surrounded by good people - both alive and dead. He began studying and training at the temple of Ildethii from a very young age and quickly showed a great amount of potential. He became good friends with a younger acolyte, Ranba, who idolized and admired him. Fallaner had taken to experimenting with the ethereal plane outside his training; it was this habit caused Ranba to be taken away by wraiths when a rift between the ethereal and the material planes grew out of control. Ranba's family blamed Fallaner for the loss of their boy and although no one else faulted him, Fallaner's guilt finally led him to leave the city. He became obsessed with finding a way to bring Ranba back - or at least find him, wherever he'd gone. It was during his travels that he met with Captain Dae Lanta, who had just recently suffered a serious injury. In return for healing him, Dae offered Fallaner a position on The Leviathan as a doctor. He accepted and soon became the second mate, as Dae discovered he could trust and confide in him. Soon after that, he took on the job of ship's cook. He has become a valuable member of the crew, especially when it was realized that Fallaner was the embodiment of the Sin of Pride.
Lucifer: Fallaner is the incarnation of this Archdevil. Once the glorious left hand of God, Lucifel was the most beautiful thing brought into creation and God's most trusted angel. He was the Morning Star, ruler of the library of Heaven, the greatest collection of knowledge on any plane. Lucifel led the war against Heaven and was the first to Fall from grace, whereafter he took on the name Lucifer. He believes himself a Holy Angel still, having fallen to Hell of his own accord. His wings are the only ones to bear any resemblance to their previous holiness, sprouting white and pure from his back. They are constantly molting however, painfully stained with his own blood as they give way to dirty black membranous wings. Lucifer took the second layer of Hell for himself, a colourless Land of the Dead, where all mortal souls must pass through. Those who do not ascend to Heaven remain with him, their heads bowed as they're whipped and broken on great wheels. The archangel Sachiel once wandered into his land, wherein Lucifer touched him and stole away part of his life. The angel must now return to him each night as Sabbath, remaining at his side.

Best Friend: Quenta Kiirar, the first mate and cook on The Enoch. The two met after Quenta got into a fight with Sul on board The Leviathan and stumbled into Fallaner's galley. He was impressed by the sea elf's intelligent conversation and interests, and the two became fast friends. They bonded over tea with talks of philosophy, the supernatural and their many similar interests. Fallaner adores Quenta and revels in the adoration he receives from him, the only person to constantly match wits with him. Quenta is also the only one who can coax Fallaner to sleep; likewise, Fallaner is the only one Quenta will speak to about his late wife. Fallaner has no sex drive whatsoever, but has become intellectually fascinated with Quenta, attracted to his thoughts and words as deeply as someone else experiences sexual attraction.

Siblings: Two younger siblings. A brother, Kaimelar, and a sister, Agaru.

Family: Celebreth en'Litse ((his father and role model)), Nardane en'Litse ((his late mother, who remains with his father as a fully communicative ghost))

Friends/Allies: Dae Lanta ((captain of The Leviathan)), Minya Maa ((first mate of The Leviathan)), Ataque Turq ((The carpenter of The Leviathan)), Gilie and Turytura Raumo ((the navigator and weapons master of the Leviathan)), Oline Salka ((mob queen that Dae works for)), Malta Tiris ((The Enoch’s Captain)), Antha Taulka ((The ships Quarter Master)), Lote Narwa ((Second Mate of the Enoch)), Sul Arrna ((the windbringer of The Leviathan))

Enemies: Huine Nukumna - the Healer and Mage of the Enoch. Not so much an enemy as simply someone he cannot stand. He considers the girl a heathen and a blasphemer, as she follows the god of undeath, Atarumai.
Elyoc - the devil hounding Dae.

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