Two Rules Picture

Okay, I got a transcript to write but I really wanted to finish this. I have no idea why I colored it... it was supposed to just be another sorryboard but before I knew it I was coloring in the cave and all that.

This is Hitchups!Alivia (she exists in two worlds! Amaaazing). My canon!CtL Hiccup never encountered mermaids that I know of, but we all know the Hitchups one did.

I just LOVE the mermaids more and more. As predators, that is. They have very particular feelings about humans, possessiveness mixed with distain. They have this lively, childlike aura

Alivia is a female human, which puts her in a safer position than a man, but she's also the child of one of their possessions. I believe Hiccup was marked as property of the mermaids after Alivia was conceived, which would also make her a bit safer (I think?), but I'm not sure. I have to check my facts again.

Alivia © Me
Marmara (or Magali, or Myrin...I can't remember which one had the green hair) © Me as well!
Excellent parenting advice © Hiccup

The mermaids are introduced in this:
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