Auratios : The King Picture

Excerpt of the story:

Rao: Hello, my Prince Charming ~ <3
Auratios: Grr… Stop saying that! I WILL NEVER BE YOUR PRINCE! NEVER! I HATE YOU!!!
Rao: *shocked* ...But...
Auratios: And since you can't understand such in so many words, I will have to show you all the HATE I have for you!
Rao: Hmm…Love… hate… In the end, what really is the different, my love? ~<3
Auratios: GRAH! The only thing that will ever love you is the blade of my sword!
Rao: Kiss me ~<3 *sexy face*
*And so the battle begins*

(Our first) Bestiary Entry :
Auratios the King of Justice
Info: Auratios is the king of the Justice Kingdom, chosen by the 'High Lords' of the same jurisdiction. Both strong and intelligent, he also has honed excellent sword and rapier abilities. His bravery and stubborn will is legendary… but being so brave may prove more of a danger than a benefit.

Auratios' race is known as "Lucario" by the ancients.

Lucario, based on mythology, can control "aura" and unleash powerful aura spheres on their enemy. Their punches and kicks land as solidly as 'metal', thus dealing amazing damage to their enemies.

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