MMD - Artemis Picture

Yay!Another rip :3
Actually i have been busy for this whole day (final exam,and some shit)
But when i got a free time i will use it for rip.

tomorow i will go for a trip for whole month? ><
but yet i can check my da and contact your guys via skype in my laptop.don't worry

for people who begging for my rips.i really sorry because what is the point having a model but you can't even move it.
and those bastards who lying to me and said "can i have?i will rig blablabla"
i won't trust you anymore!


Fact : for rigger who complete rigging the model that he/she promised.she/he will become my bestfriend (and can any of rip they want to rig because they got my trust)

Fact : You can got testimonies from my rigger friend such as
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