PMA: Orton Picture


Pokemon: Lucario

Nickname: Orton

Gender: Male

Birthdate: 3/6

Current Age: 26

Orientation: Asexual


Father: Hitmonchan (Unknown)- Inherits Sky Uppercut

Mother: Lucario (unknown)

Siblings: None

Romantic Partner: N/A

Offspring: N/A

Pokemon Stats

Current Level: 42

Ability: Inner Focus

Nature: Quiet


Sky Uppercut -Egg Move

Aura Sphere -Recent

Foresight - Known since a Riolu

Quick Guard - Learned at Level 33

Battle Stats:

Attack: oooox

Defense: ooxxx

Speed: oooxx

Sp. Attack: ooooo

Sp. Defense: oxxxx

Residence: Anistar City -Abandoned apartment complex that rents out its rooms for a low price. The former occupant was an old couple who decided they wanted to spend the rest of their years in Anistar until they died. Lives here as a pokemon and a pokehuman

PokeHuman Stats

Occupation: Weekday Fortune Teller, Weekend Morning Yoga Instructor

Town of Residence: Anistar City

Appearance: Stands at 5’8” and weighs 147lbs. Eyes are generally kept closed due to being blind but when opened his eyes are purely white. His hair is black blue on the top and towards front but it looks like it subtly transitions to Bistre towards the back. Hair style parts on the left side, a few strands stick out here and there and it’s longer towards his right side. Towards the front in the blue parts it’s generally short and does not go past his ear. There is a braid behind his left ear. Towards the back of his hair it’s longer and can reach the space in between his shoulder blades, part of that hair is dreadlocks. Tattoo locations: Right cheek two circles, three short blue streaks on each pec, two tattoos that circle his biceps with three short streaks, one for each arm. Back of hands have the same protruding points from his pokemon form that the Dittech refuses to let go of. Somewhat muscular but more lean and compared to other lucario he isn’t as well defined in the muscle department due to being more of a research assistant. Wears a blue earring on left ear, wears a necklace that looks like some oversized shark tooth.The thing in the app sheet that's not a shirt that's a poncho. Poncho's are manly they're like skirts for the top half of your body and look cool when you run around with it on. Orton may not believe in shirts but ponchos are another story Skin tone is defined as light chocolate. Pants what the hell are those aladdin pants called, well call them baggy pants that stop at his shins and he wears ballet flats, only thing he wears on top is some open vest shit. Whispers he can become aladdin.

Gives off a general atmosphere of mature adult, movements are not wasted nor loose from what I can tell. In an alternate outfit, Orton wears light blue bands on his dreadlocks.


Personality: Mellow like jello. Not much of a talker, presumed day dreamer. Mainly due to the fact that he’s blind and when you’re blind, your options are limited so he gets creative with finding methods of entertainment. Finds joy in misleading people when not on the job with aura readings or mind games. Spends most of his time mapping out the area before hand, (and getting himself stuck in a disability shelter or wahtever those houses are called) struck with occassional wanderlust. (I feel like he’s likely to get lost because he wanders around so much). What this all means is he doesn’t really have friends, he’s lonely and if he could see he would probably spend most of his time on the internet watching cat vids.

Pretty tolerant due to his history with his trainer who likes to dress him up in stupid things and secretly enjoys being dressed up by other people as a result. (Probably in the back he comments that stupidity is contagious.) A really relaxed individual who doesn’t go out of his way to make friends, (let the bitches come to me), extremely apathetic to the businesses of others unless it pertains to attempts at flirting at him, will not understand sexual attempts but can understand friendship. Friendship is magic. Can understand friendship.

Sometimes he is prone to doing whatever he likes off of the job, non destructive things that normally pertain to himself and occasional mischief making.


Orton was a blind Riolu who hatched from an egg under the care of a pokemon trainer named Cecil. Cecil was a very young and eager pokemon trainer

Seeing as Orton was a Riolu and his first pokemon (I’m a big kid now), Cecil who was an overexcited trainer, new to the entire pokemon experience tended to overwork Orton in their earlier years which caused quite a bit of resentment from the blind Riolu for quite a time. Course as time goes on and their team work strengthens, months become years, the resentment becomes friendship, they become close, Cecil's development as a trainer grows where he stops overworking Orton and knows his limits. Orton develops a deep friendship and bond of trust between himself and his trainer

They continued to battle, to travel, to come closer and closer as Orton's respect for Cecil grew. However, the more they traveled the more Cecil's fascination with the world grew until the man decides he doesn't want to aim to be a league champion or the best battler like most young trainers, his growth and fascination taking him to the path of a pokemon researcher.

The change in profession threw Orton off for a small while but after about a year passes he starts to become accustomed to his trainer's new path of delving into pokemon mystery

By the time Cecil starts to study under a famous pokemon researcher and starts to seriously engage in his studies is the time Orton finally evolves into a Lucario which opened a whole new avenue of fascination for his trainer who had been in the middle of studying the use of Aura by Riolu's evolutionary line.

At some point Cecil has established himself as a somewhat well known researcher and on his journey to Hoenn meets a pokemon trainer named Ekky. This spurrs on a long term travelling companion until Ekky's departure from Hoenn where Orton does manage to befriend one of Ekky's pokemon. Though they parted Cecil, for a long time, while doing his research exchanges letters with the travelling pokemon mythology researcher, until the letters stop coming. For a while, while Orton trains utilizing his aura seeing as he recently learned aurasphere. Cecil tracing back the last letter he got from his long time friend traces it to Kalos and decides to go to kalos in order to find the man. On his way of searching for Ekky, Cecil and Orton have a deadly encounter with a colony of Zubat. Unfortunately, blind Orton hadn’t seen the winged predators above him, which is where Cecil stepped in to aid his friend, but at a cost. When The swarm had cleared, orton found himself unable to feel his dear trainer’s aura, nor hear him at all. Cecil had risked his own life in the swarm to save his own friend, but where does this leave Orton? He didn’t know the answer to that question himself, but after a short period of mourning, he had to keep moving if he didn’t want to face the same fate as Cecil. After a while of wandering around in the dark, he finally made it out of the cave into Anistar. Without his trainer, he wasn’t really sure what the point was of being there, until he heard some chatter coming from passing pokemon. Dittech. What did it mean? A new life for him possibly, but either way it was better than sitting alone in the dark for the rest of his life, but first he had to find it. After getting a direction to go in from the other pokemon, he runs after his only chance at a new life, the Dittech. It wasn’t easy at all, he fought tooth and nail for it, but gaining that thing was the best move he’s ever made in his life. After obtaining the Dittech and testing it out, Orton decides to try and adjust to human life, a task that isn’t too difficult nor different from the life he’s had up to that point. Later on Orton settles down in Amistar City, renting a room in a cheap apartment complex after hearing the story of the prior owners and managed to find work.

Later on during his time in Amistar while visiting the bookstore he encounters an unexpected old friend.

This is where he is today.

Extras: Trainer placed tattoos on his right cheek, chest area and arms, when he is nervous he will subconsciously grab at the necklace he's wearing.

Actually enjoys his fortune telling.

Is the worst person to come to when asking for directions.

Senses people and stuff by aura. (Does not mean he’s not prone to walking into a glass window.)



User Info

Time Zone: -6GMT

Chat Availability: I work and go to school so chat isn’t likely but if I have free time, maybe? Mainly do notes.

Role-Play Example:

Outside Group RPs (Character: Jagger) and PC (Character: Cain)

"Excuse me, but you have me locked in the glass case like some kind of animal, I don't think you rank too high on the innocent scale here, ya psychotic bitch. I'm done with your games. You're absolutely insane they should lock you up in the wacko house for what you're doing here, you might even make the news when they find me down here. I bet people are already starting to won der where I went to. You've painted yourself into a corner little miss. Lets see how you fair." Looking quite unamused with her, making sure to express his disdain for everything of and about her. "Gross."


Cain: And not a moment too soon, and pretty quickly too he falls face first right into the ground of the new world they've come to, having that odd habbit of landing face first even in an upright position. Going silent for a bit before picking himself up off of the ground with a huge red mark covering his face as he glares up at pock, practcally radiating with displeasure. "Ohoho... you're gonna pay for that one bro. I won't tell you when, but soon. /Very/, soon..." Of course this really didn't seem all that threatening coming from a little kid 2 feet shorter than you anyways.

Both are RPs with

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