Commission - Friend's Fur Picture

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$24 Full Color commission for Arianna Cortes of Fur Affinity of her fursona being hugged by her friend Aura Skytower's fursona.

As it goes, Arianna has a multitude of tails, and Aura has a preference of grabbing a hold of most of them. Guess she doesn't mind since as the Japanese mythology would have it, they hate having their tails grabbed to an extreme level. Other take on it would be some sort of pro-Peta campaign. "Fur is murder, hug your fellow fox today!". Guess it's one way to get close and wear fox fur...

Background is a massive chop-shop and re-edit from a previous set of pictures of mine. These girls had great color cohesion, and I wanted the use of the chairs. Keeps the colors warm and gives at least some sense of a background without going overboard.

Photoshop CS4
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