The Fates- Lachesis 4 Picture

The Fates- Lachesis

So this project is kind of Nick JONE'S first baby, his mythological creation is what I guess I would call it. He honestly did most of the work I just took the pictures.

Body Paint By: Nick JONES
Please check out his site!! [link]

Hair & Photography By: Kristin Wilson

Models: Missy Miller, Rachel Gick, Kristin Wilson, and Leigh Montano

Missy was Gaia and Rachel, Kristin and Leigh were the Fates

if you want to get particular Rachel was Atropos, Kristin was Clotho and Leigh was Lachesis

Nick please feel free to smack me if I got any of that wrong...I just didn't know what else to write <3

*** Please Comment and Look at Nick's site! [link]

<3 Kristin
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