Atropos and Salamander Picture

Atropos is one of the scylla sisters, and is the youngest. She is a Wiseman, think a sage in Naruto, but assigned to a clan of animal. Her clan is reptiles, and it happens to be a salamander, allowing her to take on it's traits, as well as traits of salamanders in mythology. She and her sisters also make up the three heads of Scylla, which can be made by them all being near each other. Her power mainly consists of fire and earth, as well as smoke and poisonous gases. She is the youngest of the sisters, but is definitely a threat in battle. She is also very lovesick with regular humans. Since she lives in New Babylon, which has tons of spiritual energy that is so potent, it changes the forms of the people there. Anyone can go in, but nobody can leave, which causes them to inherit forms that are frightening to others. Thanks for reading, be sure to fav, comment, and watch!
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