RWBY OC - Lachesis Moirai Picture

Okay so this is a really rough sketchwork that I slapped together when I was trying to come up with my character idea for the RP my wife and I are doing set in the RWBY universe.

We tried to follow the same rules as the characters in the show. Based on some story or concept from mythology or history, color scheme, symbol, thematic weapon with different forms, thematic costuming... Anyway, it's not great art, but here's what I have. Sorry the image is kinda crap. My scanner broke so I had to use my phone.

This character was based on the Greek mythology of the Fates. Her name is Lachesis Moirai. Her mother was a Huntress and her name was Clotho. And her weapon is a twin-sword shaped like wicked sheers that she can combine and latch into a giant scissors. Her weapon is called Atropos. She only has one eye and wears an armor plate over half her face (because the Fates had one eye between them). She has long black hair and wears her symbol as a bauble on her braid. Her symbol is a circle with white and black swirled together to meet in the center which has another circle in it (so it's kinda an eye, but also implies balance). Atropos can also fold into a concussion rifle not terribly dissimilar in shape to Nora's grenade launcher form, tho she puts her hand into the back of it to fire it. The handle ends of her swords also fire SMG rounds. (We wrote this up in a game system my wife developed based off of Fate so the weapons are balanced on the characters' other abilities based on points. The SMG part is really weak. More for distraction than anything.) Oh and her colors are black and silver.
Her semblance is "Fate" basically. She doesn't directly control it. It kinda just happens and she doesn't always realize it. She still has to learn about it. Just when something bad would happen to her, it often just doesn't.

And if you haven't seen RWBY go watch it! You can watch the whole series on Rooster Teeth's website!
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