Tria Fata, The Moirae Trainers Picture

Damn it, I was almost done with my project, and I had this great idea, and now I have quite a few more trainers I need to work on.. T.T. Anywho, this is the second set of characters I've come up with, again using Hapuriainen's wonderful flash game..

These are the Tria Fata [that's the [Roman] name for it anyways..which is odd, considering I've given them there Greek names.. haha..] The Moirae sisters, Clotho [the youngest, to the far left] Lachesis [The middle] and Atropos [to the right, the oldest]

As you might have guessed, they are the daughters of Nyx and Zeus, who are both breeders, and Gym Leaders, on Helleboros Island, Nyx, as you might guess, uses mostly Dark type pokemon, and Zeus uses mostly Lightning types.

Clotho is the youngest, and least experienced in battle, in mythology, she spins the thread of life, so for that reason, her main pokemon is a Mareep, from which she can get wool, to spin thread.

Lachesis is the middle sister, and slightly more acclimated to battle, in mythology, she measures the thread of life with a rod, I couldn't for the life of me think of a non-legendary pokemon that wasn't pretty lame that wouldn't fit her theme, so I went with a relatively long pokemon, and went with Dratini.

Atropos is the oldest sister, and the most experienced. Mythologically said to be inflexible and inevitable, I take that to mean that she is almost impossible for most trainers to beat [Note that I said TRAINERS, not ANYONE, so she's not gonna go up to the pokemon league champ and stomp him in two seconds flat, but she could put up a tough fight
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