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This is the last assignment for one of my classes this year. We got a "free" assignment. Which in this case means we got some real boring and difficult text which was called "I stand here before you as your nightmare", or something like that. It was a really long text, and hard to read ><. And most of the time the author talked about destiny and fate and stuff like that (remember loooong text, can't really remember what it was about exactly). But the idea was you had to make something (2D) inspired by the text. So what did I chose. no idea. Greek mythology? Wow you're good!
It actually took a bit longer than that. I did some research about destiny in different "cultures" and found out that in many story's destiny is presented as three woman, they are presented a bit different, but the essence is still the same. The three were mostly devided into past-present-future. So that was the idea, to make those "destiny-creatures". The next thing was which of the mythology's I wanted to present, or would I mix them up. I desided that would be to difficult, and that I should stick with just one mythology. So for me, the most logical choise was the Greek mythology. I thought that these would be the most known of the destiny-woman (if I may call them that). The once you see are (from right to left) "Clotho- Lakhesis - Atropos". I'm not sure if this was also in the Greek mythology, but in several other mythology's the destiny-woman were presented as to be the virgin, the mother, and the old woman. As you can see I also used that in the picture.
With the whole destiny text still in the back of my head, I decided I wanted to be all three of the woman, and the poor little thing they decided about. In the text destiny was also questioned, is it already decided or can you make you're own destiny. And that question is the thing I wanted to present here. Maybe I failed in it, that's up to you to decide. But that is the reason why every person you see up there is me (aren't I a pretty one
So after this loooong information about the picture, those who actually read it and think they have something they want to say to me: "please do". I dare you, haha. Really, I love to hear what everyone thinks about this piece, since I actually thought about it for once :S

^_^ so thanks

edit: sorry I forgot
I got some brushes from "[link]"
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