Sister of Death Picture

In Greek mythology, Atropos was the Sister of Fate who ended mortals' lives by cutting their thread of life. Many have begged her to let them live, but the ruthless Atropos is unwavering in her decisions.

In God of War II

Atropos is the eldest Sister of Fate. Perhaps the cruelest of the sisters, she has the power to alter the histories of anyone she chooses. She spends the majority of her time within the body of Lahkesis. After Kratos defeats Lahkesis, who refuses to help him, Atropos reveals herself as she grabs Kratos and uses the mirrors to bring him to the past, where he battled Ares. On top of the Blade of the Gods, the sword that allowed Kratos to kill Ares, Atropos attempted to change Kratos' fate by destroying the sword. Atropos battled Kratos and was eventually defeated after being trapped in the mirror. Lahkesis attacked once again, and Atropos was freed from her mirror prison. However, the two sisters were not able to kill Kratos, and instead were thrown into one of the mirrors. Kratos then proceeded to shatter it, defeating both Atropos and her sister Lahkesis at once. Kratos used the sisters' last inter-diminsional mirror to trap them inside and then shatter it, erasing them from existence.
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